Kate Middleton terrified she was fed contaminated horse meat

Kate Middleton, Image: Eonline.
Kate Middleton, Image: Eonline.

Britain’s biggest catering company, Sodexo has revealed that it has found horse meat in some of its products instead of the expected ground beef. The royals may have been fed the mis-marked meat as long ago as last summer and it is creating quite an appalling situation.

According to the March 8th print edition of GLOBE, Kate Middleton is afraid to touch any of the meat being served and is pretty much sticking to a veggie diet now.

The danger isn’t the horse meat itself, but the fact that several of the horse carcasses in question had been treated with an anti-inflammatory drug referred to as “Bute”. The drug is a potential carcinogen and can cause life-threatening internal bleeding or spontaneous abortion in a pregnant woman!

After having a rough few months carrying her first child it’s no wonder Kate is terrified of something else going wrong. This news also makes me wonder if Queen Elizabeth was really hospitalized last week with “the trots” or if maybe it was something connected to this meat that they’ve all likely been fed. Supposedly Kate is trying to talk Prince William into giving up meat as well until the authorities can assure them that the meat supply is truly safe for everyone.

Do you think this is yet another British scandal that will prove to be a lot bigger than people initially think? There are a multitude of pregnant women in Europe that could have easily come into contact with some of the tainted meat. Will this be just the start of a bigger problem?

Source: http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2013/kate-middleton-terrified-baby-miscarriage-contaminated-horse-meat-sodexo-0308/

17 thoughts on “Kate Middleton terrified she was fed contaminated horse meat”

  1. I will soon be 73 and have been involved with horses since 1951. To the best of my recollection, every single one of them was given Bute at some point in their lives, not to mention wormers. All of these things say, right on the packaging, “Not for use in animals intended for food.” My point is that almost ALL horsemeat is probably contaminated with Bute. When my horses reached the end of their lives, they were humanely put down and either buried or cremated.


  2. Horses were meant to be ridden not eaten. They are beautiful, majestic animals that are smart and sweet. it’s just horses that the slaughter needs to stop for. I am a meat eater and will always be one.


  3. Kate and Wills should go Vegan and encourage everyone to Save Queen Mum along with the country! That’ll nip the problem in the bud as Europe will soon follow. Now Oklahoma and New Mexico are harder nuts to crack.


  4. I feel for Kate and any other pregnant woman who was fed tainted meat without their consent. Who in the world would knowingly eat the poison they are trying to pass off as gourmet? Only the uneducated or people who think they are invincible.


  5. Most people are not going to become vegans over night. This is what gives the pro-slaughter wackos something to scream about. The cattle ranchers claim if horse slaughter is stopped what stops ” Peta, the tree huggers and the vegans”,from shutting down all slaughter plants? This has been the argument for years. They keep bringing up Peta claiming that it’s the animal rights organizations that are at the bottom of getting rid of horse slaughter. Any person with a once of common sense knows its not, and so do they. It’s certainly not Peta or any animal tights group that I know of that that pays any attention to horse slaughter. When the CEO of Peta last year foot her foot in her mouth by saying she thought horses should be sent to slaughter, the woman was jumped on every side because of it. It also gave the pro-slaughter wackos a talking point to use claiming that Peta was also for horse slaughter. Peta has since rescinded the remark but the damage to them was done.
    I have no confidence in the passage of the new anti-slaughter bills. The U.S.Senate are the very politicians that have consistently refused to cosponsor any senate bill that was introduced. The last two the House had over 160 cosponsors the Senate only had 25 or 24. It takes both the House and the Senate to pass a bill like this. The bills get as far as committee and then it’s ignored. I have been in this fight a long time so I do know.


  6. Everybody become vegetarians and all slaughter of animals will be stopped. Grain and water used to produce meat is needed for animals and humans and what a much buse of it that would be IMO.


  7. I think they mean well. Using Kate Middleton’s name more people will read it, and be warned. Although I don’t see how anyone could have missed the horse meat scandal there.


    1. It is sad that it takes the celebrity status to bring attention to this. Kate’s baby is no more important than anyone else’s. If people need this to raise awareness they are indeed shallow and naive. As much as I pray nothing is wrong with their baby, I cannot stand this kind of drama that singles out the rich and famous despite the fact that it may bring some awareness, Sorry if this offends but I agree with Janet.


  8. The headline makes me furious! Just like our American pro slaughter fanatics, its okay to feed others meat that may contain toxic drugs, but HEAVENS if it should happen to them. The only good I can feel about this is maybe slaughter will be banned NOW. But think of all the children, pregnant women of the world who ate the meat and will never know the deadly afflictions that come upon them are linked. I pray Ms. Middleton and her baby are safe. And pray for the spirits of all the slaughtered equines lost in this battle.
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    1. I think the point is that Kate Middleton’s concerns will get a lot more publicity and attention than those of “the common folk”–and for that reason this is very important because of the light it is shedding on the horse slaughter issue in general. that she is concerned and getting public attention for it is good news for horses–something the average person has not been able to accomplish.


  9. The bigger problem is Horse Slaughter……..Stop that and No one has to worry! …….Not even the Royals or the commoners like most of us that Love horses……Seem like they would get It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. That’s the point. If there is mo market for horse meat, slaughter will cease. Sometimes you have to go around the back way to accomplish the goal–and thats what’s happening here. The goal is to stop horse slaughter, but you have to get people’s attention first, and this is doing that.


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