McConnell indicted again in Fayette Co on animal cruelty charges relating to horse soring

Jackie McConnell (R) leaving federal Court re horse soring case. Image by DougStrickland.
Horse trainer Jackie McConnell, right, leaves the Joel W. Solomon Federal Courthouse downtown with his attorney Hugh Moore.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports:

Former Tennessee Walking Horse trainer Jackie McConnell has been indicted by a Fayette County grand jury on 22 counts of animal cruelty related to alleged horse soring actions.

McConnell pleaded guilty last year to similar charges for the same actions in federal court here after Humane Society investigators captured video footage of him abusing horses and federal agents later alleged that he and two co-defendants transported the horses for a show in Shelbyville, Tenn.

McConnell was sentenced to three years probation and a $75,000 fine for the local federal case.

McConnell’s co-defendants in the federal case, John Mays and Jeff Dockery, also pleaded guilty to violations of the federal Horse Protection Act.


Jackie McConnell

Roy Exum: Finally a day of reckoning but a sad verdict; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept 21, 2012
Tennessee Walking Horse abuser McConnell gets probation and a fine; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept 18, 2012
Soring: Prosecutors say horse protection law lacks teeth; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept 9, 2012
Judge reschedules McConnell sentencing to Sept 18 in horse soring case; Tuesday’s Horse; Aug 29, 2012
Defendant in horse soring case gets probation; Tuesday’s Horse; Aug 7, 2012
Tennessee Walking Horse trainer caught on video abusing horses offered probation in plea deal; Tuesday’s Horse; May 22, 2012

Mitch McConnell

Could they be related? In their contempt for horses they are. See below.

Senator threatened USDA over horse inspections (Ky); Tuesday’s Horse; Sept 9, 2008
McConnell opposed USDA inspectors of sored horses (Ky);


Mitch and Jackie McConnell may not be related as in “kin”, but check this out from the sainted (by us and others) Roy Exum:

The top two equine veterinary groups in the United States have openly called on the nation’s lawmakers to ban the built-up pads, or stacks, that shady Walking Horse owners use, as well as performance devices and tight bands around the hooves. Legislation is pending but the “Big Lick” crowd is fighting back. Not long ago they held a reception for a disreputable Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell (not believed to be kin to Jackie).

The Kentucky senator has bullied the USDA to “lay off” the Shelbyville “Big Lick” crowd and was the subject of a scathing series in the Lexington newspaper this summer. But, just like the defiant and now-battered Big Lick hierarchy, the Republican Senator doesn’t seem to realize or even care he is a “bought” puppet of treacherous people.

Read the article here >>

7 thoughts on “McConnell indicted again in Fayette Co on animal cruelty charges relating to horse soring”

  1. You are right there are numerous trainers that are out there soring and toturing these helpless animals….It’s been going on forever and will continue till they make an example of one of them and I hope it’s Jacie McConnell to me what he has done and paid others to help him do deserves the ultimate punishment to bad hanging or be-heading is no longer an option….My blood pressure rises everytime I think about how wealthy this “SORRY FAT ASS WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT”
    is and can buy his way out of any punishment the good old boy net work still exsists and unfortunetly so do many of theses worthless so called human beings!


  2. Banning the sport would go a long way too. There are too many people willing to force horses to perform this gross display to win a prize. He is not the only monster behind this type of “entertainment”


  3. Well, it’s obvious that a fine and some probation was not the appropriate punishment. He went right back to what be knew best. Abuse. He shouldn’t be allowed near animals, especially horses.
    Im very interested to see if he will get some proper punishment this time.


  4. Here we are again……I’ve voiced my opinion on Jackie McConnell numerous times to anyone that reads Tuesday’s Horse….WHEN will the low life piece of scum finally get the punishment he deserves????????……There is so much more behind him the whole system is corrupt…..I’ve known this worthless piece of shit since the late 70’s he’s sored horses then as he will continue to do it as long as he lives…..Jackie they need to lock your fat ass up and throw away the key …..He is the lowest of the LOW and know one know’s…How MANY horses have suffered just like the ones on the Night line video……I will pray you get what you deserve what you do to horses would be like sewing your mouth shut so you couldn’t feed your fat ass anymore….Sounds like a plan to me!


  5. Yes !!!! Jail Time !!!!!! and Mucking stalls would be befitting…………………And maybe the other prisoners will treat him accordingly !!!! I dont think they like Horse abusers…………. His crime can never be turned around for the horses he sored………………………… Lets hope neither can be his sentence …………………………………….


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