Penn National anti-slaughter policy put to test; “benevolent horseman” involved

The horses leave the gate for a Friday night race at Penn National Race Course.  Image by SEAN SIMMERS, The Patriot-News.
The horses leave the gate for a Friday night race at Penn National Race Course. Image by SEAN SIMMERS, The Patriot-News.

Anyone it seems who wants to make any sort of progress to eliminate the many gross cruelties associated with Thoroughbred horse racing comes up against these horsemen’s benevolent and protective association groups and their members. They frequently work hard to block any reforms that may intrude or inconvenience them for the sake of the horse. In my view there is absolutely nothing that smacks of horsemanship among the members of these groups.

Here is a good example of how one of them thinks. You can follow the trail from there.

Ray Paulick, in a post entitled “Penn National anti-slaughter policy put to test“, reports:

Officials with Hollywood Casino at Penn National are investigating whether a leading owner and his bloodstock manager may have violated the Grantville, Pa., track’s anti-slaughter policy after a horse that had been stabled at Penn National wound up in a livestock sale and destined for slaughter. The horse has been spared, but the incident has already led to the resignation of a vice president of the Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association.

Prince Michael, an unraced 3-year-old Pennsylvania-bred son of Lewis Michael out of Elusive Joy, by Elusive Quality, was sold for $325 last week at New Holland, a livestock auction frequented by buyers who send horses to Canadian slaughter plants. Prince Michael was bred and owned by Thomas McClay, the second-leading owner by money won at Penn National in 2012. McClay is also a member of the board of directors of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association at Penn National.

Prince Michael was allegedly sold to horse broker Phil Shirk for $1 by Ed Price, who handles bloodstock affairs for McClay. Shirk is believed by many in the horse welfare community to be a regular supplier to kill buyers (a Google search of Phil Shirk horse provides several examples).

Prince Michael and Candace Scheirer. PAULICK REPORT image.
Prince Michael and Candace Scheirer. PAULICK REPORT image.

Reports are this story has a happy ending for Prince Michael, the horse at the center of it.

Paulick tells us:

Candace Scheirer, who attends the New Holland sale looking for Thoroughbreds being sold for slaughter, saw the then-unidentified Prince Michael prior to being sold and unsuccessfully attempted to purchase him privately. He was bought by Brian Moore, a contract buyer for a Canadian plant, according to Deborah Jones, a California woman involved in rescuing horses from slaughter.

[Later] Scheirer was able to buy Prince Michael privately for $375 after he was auctioned off to Moore, Jones said, and Sheirer now has the horse in her possession. The horse was identified as Prince Michael, and his foal certificates are believed to be on file at Penn National.


6 thoughts on “Penn National anti-slaughter policy put to test; “benevolent horseman” involved”

  1. It is amazing to me that this can still happen everyday to 150,000 American horses every year! I am ashamed to say I live in a country that allows this to happen! So happy this horse was rescued but there are many who will be slaughtered! We can thank the current President of this country for that! So sad!


  2. There is a special place in hell for these bastards and a special place in heaven for those who rescue them!


  3. So will Congress ever get wake up and finally pass HR 1094 and S – 541? My two senators just have the same reply, such as if the bill gets to the floor for a vote, I’ll keep your views in mind. That’s what they all say when they have no intention of either co-sponsoring or voting for the ban on horse slaughter. Everyone gets the same reply, and we should collect them and send them to someone who could make a difference.


  4. Horses being sold right from the track has never ended, no matter if the track management says it has stopped. As we all know this is how the Bute tainted horse meat from all of the shipped out US horses has been getting to the EU countries. From what I can find out the eating of horse meat in all of the Eu countries has dropped in the last few years but the amount of horse meat being shipped to the EU from Canada and Mexico has gone up. So where is it going? In with the beef as filler to make it appear like as if its all beef. Beef is expensive in the EU and all over Europe so why not use something cheaper like horse meat from Canada and Mexico. I doubt they will ever get this mess cleaned up


  5. So thankful for you Prince Michael and Candace for saving him!!! Finally ONE good outcome!! SEE it is all about money for some NOT the welfare of the horse at all!!! JUST disgusting !!


  6. Thank goodness Prince Michael was saved. McClay should resign and be investigated along with Ed Price. These guys are unspeakable in their pretense. Way to go Candace!


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