Alberta SPCA explains why seized horses sent to auction

You have probably seen this by now, as the story has been making the rounds. Before we get to that, I have a question. What is it about horses that even so-called animal protection organizations feel it is okay to slaughter them? They certainly would not be so eager to kill dogs and cats for the same purpose. Or would they? They say dogs and cats are labeled pets, and horses are labeled livestock. My next question is . . So what?

Global News Canada

By Mia Sosiak and Tamara Elliott

Ground Horse Meat Canada
Alberta SPCA thinks it’s just fine for horses to end up like this.
    CALGARY- The Alberta SPCA is explaining why dozens of seized horses were sent to a recent livestock auction in High River, causing outrage.

    The organization seized nearly 60 starving horses from a farm near Lethbridge back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to be euthanized. 29 were sent to foster farms where they racked up $10,000 in medical and feed bills.

    The SPCA then offered the animals up at an auction in early April—and potential buyers included those looking to sell horse meat.

    “I think it’s horrendous that this is happening today, that we haven’t had an emergency adopt-a-thon of these horses,” complains horse enthusiast Keely Dobbyn. “I know lots of people that would go out and try and rescue these animals, and instead this is the easy way out.”

    However, the SPCA maintains that selling livestock at auction is more transparent than through private sales.

    “Some people could come back to us and say ‘why didn’t you give me the chance to get this horse?’ If it goes to auction, then everyone who attends the auction has the ability to bid on the horse,” explains Roland Lines, communications manager for the Alberta SPCA. “[Horses] are part of the livestock industry, so the possibility of horses going for meat is certainly there. As an agency, we don’t take a preference one way or another.”

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5 thoughts on “Alberta SPCA explains why seized horses sent to auction”

  1. So sitting on the fence is a common practice of the SPCA (Stupid People Causing Atrocities), maybe this organization should stick to saving cats and dogs. There is no excuse for sending the horses to a miserable ,cruel death. Get out of the animal rescue business if you can’t handle it.


  2. WOW, what logic is that?? Save them then ship them off to Auction for a kill buyer to scoop them up!?? UNREAL…..I really am in shock if I lived there I would be furious I am still furious even if I don’t live there, honestly what is it that can make a organization like that to SAVE and HELP animals I thought anyway, could have an attitude toward horses or probably any animal to just discard them just SINFUL DISGUSTING uncalled for completely>>>>>


  3. I personally have no tolerance for the atttude of the small brained humans exhibit to creatures who have evolved to a higher plane than themselves. Think about it, they killed the sick and “aggressive.”. So all that was left of the herd were the accommodating and gentle. What would possess the group to acquiesce to the “they are just livestock” mantra!

    Would any of those horses, given a fantastic sort of trip to altruism, suggest the small brained humans be sent off to sure torture and execution? Really. They’d already taken the “dangerous” horses out of the equation.

    I’m really having trouble even giving those idiots the benefit of the doubt, because there just isn’t one. Horse people know horses take much care and expense, that’s why we don’t just breed willy nilly and want slaughter for them.


  4. That’s a pretty sorry excuse for sending them to auction – basically they are just washing their hands of them when they could have offered them for adoption first! Their thinking needs to be “rethought”!! After what the horses went through being starved and abused, this is just adding salt to the wound to send them to a hideous place that horse auctions are. And then to probably head on to a slaughter house? NO!!!! NOT RIGHT!!!


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