Withdrawn meatballs contaminated with horse meat back on sale

The Independent on Sunday (UK) reports:

Ikea Swedish Meaballs.
For many, Swedish meatballs are part of the allure of shopping at Ikea. Photo: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr.

Beef products found to have been contaminated with horsemeat are to be relabelled and put back on sale in British stores, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

The Swedish retailer Ikea has become the first to confirm plans to return withdrawn items to the human food chain, three months after watchdogs discovered horse DNA in a series of “beef” products sold in shops and restaurants throughout Europe.

Batches of Ikea’s signature meatballs could now return to its shelves and in-store restaurants within days, relabelled to warn of the true contents and probably at a reduced price.

Details of the proposals emerged after the Government gave the green light to supermarkets and suppliers to put their frozen contaminated products back on sale, rather than throwing them away.

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7 thoughts on “Withdrawn meatballs contaminated with horse meat back on sale”

  1. Just goes to show what is important to our governments- our health is at the bottom of their list ( if it’s on at all). It’s more important to them to let a scummy company not lose profits. We should all write to our elected officials that we will NOT eat anything labelled “beef”, “lamb”, or any red meat until they pull this crap off the shelves. Quite frankly, I don’t eat red meat anymore, anyway- it’s much healthier!


  2. This makes my stomach turn !!!!!!! It is horrifying to think that they are returning it to the food chain………….. The Horses are our friends and companions?????????? I think it is cannibalistic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I left a comment at the newspaper about the Bute. I think that the government allowing the products to be sold is just to save the super markets some money.


    1. It is frozen meat; they are simply re-labeling what hadn’t made its way to supermarket shelves yet. They could care less about the fact that it could be contaminated with toxic substances from banned drugs in slaughter horses. But they are not mentioning that it seems in their re-labeling. Consumer beware!


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