Northern Ireland’s only horse slaughtering house stops

Cross-posted from the Londonderry Sentinel

Slaughter tools. Google image.
Slaughter tools. Google image.

The only approved horse-slaughtering house in Northern Ireland has stopped killing horses, the Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has revealed.

She explained that the Armagh plant asked the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to remove its authorisation and stopped killing horses at the end of January.

“There was one slaughter plant in County Armagh approved by the FSA for equine slaughter,” she explained.

“This establishment is also approved for the slaughter of cattle and sheep. It ceased slaughtering horses completely on 25th January 2013 and has asked the FSA to completely remove their authorisation to slaughter equines.”

She said this was the only establishment approved by the FSA to slaughter horses in Northern Ireland in recent times.

6 thoughts on “Northern Ireland’s only horse slaughtering house stops”

  1. OH my gosh this is THE BEST news, awesome!!!!! AND yes we have to STOP MEXICO and CANADA, hopefully this is a very new beginning for all of us and the horses finally, it’s a start for sure, and with EU not excepting our horses I think we are going places folks…. YEAH :)


  2. Horse auctions have kill buyers there just like they do here. They will just ship them out to one of the other country’s that are still killing them. But this might be a crack in the horse slaughter industry in Europe that might widen as time goes on. I hope so.


  3. This is a great start to the dismantling of this horrible business. Now lets move on to Canada and Mexico, especially Mexico.


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