USDA inspectors clear NM horse slaughter plant

Slaughter tools. Google image.
Slaughter tools. Google image.

According to the lawyer for Valley Meat Co USDA inspectors have cleared the slaughter facility to kill horses for their meat.


    ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — About 5 miles from this southeastern New Mexico town’s famed UFO museum, tucked between dairy farms, is a nondescript metal building that could be home to any number of small agricultural businesses.

    But Valley Meat Co. is no longer just another agricultural business. It’s a former cattle slaughterhouse whose kill floor has been redesigned for horses to be led in one at a time, secured in a huge metal chute, shot in the head, then processed into meat for shipment overseas.

    It’s also ground zero for an emotional, national debate over a return to domestic horse slaughter that has divided horse rescue and animal humane groups, ranchers, politicians and Indian tribes.

    And Tuesday, it moved one step closer to becoming the first plant in the country in more than six years to slaughter horses, with a successful inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    At issue is whether the majestic symbols of Western culture are livestock or pets, and whether it is more humane to slaughter them domestically than to ship tens of thousands of neglected, unwanted and wild horses thousands of miles to be slaughtered in Mexico or Canada.

    Front and center in the debate is Rick De Los Santos, who along with his wife, Sarah, has for more than two decades worked this small slaughterhouse, taking in mostly cows that were too old or sick to travel with larger herds to the bigger slaughterhouses for production.

Read full report at Foster’s Daily Democrat >>


Food Product Design reports:

Valley Meat Company is one of six businesses that have applied for approval to slaughter horses. In addition to Valley Meat Company, FSIS is reviewing applications from Missouri-based Rains Natural Meats and Iowa-based Responsible Transportation LLC. The other applications were either incomplete or the applicant lost contact with the agency, she said. Read more here >>

7 thoughts on “USDA inspectors clear NM horse slaughter plant”

  1. AMen!!!!!! Laura Bell, demoralizing A——-s

    [dih-mawr-uh-lahyz, -mor-] Show IPA
    verb (used with object), de·mor·al·ized, de·mor·al·iz·ing.
    to deprive (a person or persons) of spirit, courage, discipline, etc.; destroy the morale of: The continuous barrage demoralized the infantry.
    to throw (a person) into disorder or confusion; bewilder: We were so demoralized by that one wrong turn that we were lost for hours.
    to corrupt or undermine the morals of.


    1. I saw your note Dr Sullivan, and will be contacting you on putting together some strategies on horse slaughter. As you can imagine, we are very busy in DC just now, but this must be fought at the State and federal levels. We cannot have too many protections. Thank you! — Vivian


  2. What Laura described above is exactly what is and has been going on for years. This is what I have commented on over and over. Slaughter is how the over-breeders get rid of their breeding stock or unload horses that they can’t make any money on because of the low sale prices. Every time one of them takes a load of brood mares to a sale to dump they get a tax write off. By over-breeding they really don’t loose any money. The horses are considered livestock by the IRS and are are eligible for the write offs as farm losses. This is something all farmers and ranchers do every year. This information is coming from the sleazy lawyer so I don’t put much stock in it. Inspectors have no money allotted to them as of this year. What politician in their right mind would stick their crooked necks out to push for 5 million US tax dollars for horse slaughter inspections. The wording of the article is the same clap trap we have seen in every stupid story that has been written about horse slaughter. You will notice too that you can’t leave a comment on this site.


    1. Barbara you are so right . they do claim as tax write offs and most pregos go because there needing a bigger loss …sickening and its irs fault for not cking these ranched that keep claiming losses


  3. Hey Rick DeSantos, there are people like me that are going on the attack worse than ever to expose the FACT that the reason horse slaughter even exists is because the ranchers in your quote who “NEED” a place to dispose of their worn out ranch horses that they use like tractors rather than “starve them out” are nothing but users like welfare receipients “working the system” and the other alternative none on your side EVER talk about is that there IS another alternative called humane euthanasia that the cheap bastards won’t pay for.
    I’ve been doing weekly feedlot rescues through my 501c3 animal rescue since October 9, 2012 and what I mostly see coming through the kill sales and sold directly to the feedlot are a lot of breeding stock broodmares, broodmares with foals at side, pregnant mares, ranch horses, a lot of yearlings, 2 and 3 year olds who are products of ranch breeding programs, and very few so-called “backyard breeders or owners” horses… it is OBVIOUS that there are a group of people that includes breeders, owners of multiple horses that are breeders and/or horses that washed out of training, trainers, and ranchers who “work the system” and utilize horse slaughter as their FREE disposal system rather than do the ethical and moral thing which would be humane euthanasia…..of course, that would COST them at least a few hundred per horse and vermin like the class of people I’ve named won’t spend that money unless forced to. I am rallying people to start making lists of known “horse dumpers” and those lists will be published all over the Internet, so when some of these culprits are at their events, dinner parties, etc, they better get ready for people to ask them questions like “is it true YOU dispose of horses by sending them to slaughter in Canada and Mexico?”….believe me when I say some of the upper crusty, hoity-toity people are going to be embarrassed and mortified when that keeps happening. And when there is barely a supply of horses into the slaughter pipeline, the opportunists of the kill sales, the kill buyers, the slaughter transporters and the slaughterhouses will have to find new lines of work to get into.

    So now I’m going to be “turning up the heat” more than ever and really exposing the culprits in this racket and your sorry ass will be closed down, and thats if you ever get to open, which won’t happen if I have my way.

    Laura Bell, On Facebook at The Starlight Sanctuary and our website at


    1. I so agree laura. I also believe slaughter will make these greedy creeps breed more not less then they a lot so many in there budgets to go to slaughter and still make money. so all this crap about the horse population is out of control and will go down I would hate to think of breeders breeding just to have quotas for slaughter but you know they’ll do it .they are not responsible breeders now


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