NBC ‘Must See’ TV: Wild But Not Free

NBC Peacock
Image from NBC.com.

Let ’em go to slaughterhouses.

That’s what a rancher said should happen to 50,000 wild horses and burros in warehousing during the Today Show segment, “Wild but not Free,” which aired this morning. He went on to add, “what value are they now?”

This underscores so much of what we know about the motivations of the people behind the BLM roundup program, but the NBC segment went further in featuring exclusive video captured by AWHPC of cruel roundup practices, putting the head of the BLM’s program on the defensive and interviewing a 30 year BLM veteran who said, “wild horses aren’t getting a fair shake.”

The segment is must see TV, so if you missed it, or you want to watch it again, you can check it out on NBC News’ special webpage.

With this issue now getting national attention, now is the time to pitch in and help us end the BLM’s program as we know it. Here’s an easy way to get involved:

Share this with your friends and family to encourage them to watch the segment and join you in signing our “Step In, Sally” letter to Interior Secretary Jewel.


6 thoughts on “NBC ‘Must See’ TV: Wild But Not Free”

  1. I want to commend the NBC crew for having the guts to run this segment,it is so long overdue with the BLM denying and lieing about everything they do, maybe someone within the realms of Legislature will take on the BLM and stand up for what is the American way, and they better start to listen to what we have to say NO Slaughter – No Excuses.


  2. IM graduating from the 8th grade and I need to volunteer and help something in washington. I wanted to work with animals and one of my favorite animal is a horse and I was woundering if I could volunteer here and help???


  3. The ranchers mindset is like all the rest of them. Just like he said that he would go bankrupt if the horses were left on the range. As we all know the welfare ranchers pay very little to graze their cattle and sheep. All of them need to be forced to pay a going rate for the grazing, but as long as the BLM has control of public lands it will never happen. Even if there are no horses on any of the thousands of acres of public lands the horses will still be blamed for all the damage the cattle and sheep do, forever. There is photo after photo of the ruined creeks and streams that is full of cow manure and the banks carpeted in sheep manure but its still the horses fault. I doubt any of us will ever be able to change a thing. There is just to much greed and lies.


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