BLM ignores laws of the U.S. and nature

BLM and their sacred cows. None of BLM’s eradication excuses pertaining to wild horses and burros ever apply to cattle. Yet they inhabit the same lands. Wild equines are removed to save them yet the cattle remain, or are moved almost immediately into areas just vacated by wild equines. How is that exactly? They both need water and forage.
BLM and their sacred cows. None of BLM’s emergency reasons for removal of wild horses and burros ever seem to apply to cattle. Yet they inhabit the same lands. Wild equines are removed to supposedly save them yet the cattle are left there or moved almost immediately into the ones just vacated by wild equines. How is that exactly? And why aren’t the wild equines returned to their herd areas once the ’emergency’ has passed?

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by R. T. FITCH

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) publicly published the statement that they are above the law and the 1971 Congressional Wild Horse and Burro protection LAW DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THEM! BLM stated: “The … [Congressional] Act … is not pertinent to the overall management of the wild horse and burro populations by the BLM and USFS. In general, it protects the wild horses and burros from such actions by the general populous.”

Well … apparently the BLM also considers themselves as being “above” Mother Nature too because they insist wild horses must be removed from their legally designated land (our public land) because of current widespread “drought” and BLM has been pushing this same drought agenda for at least three years. Basically these “emergency” roundups are just a front/excuse to round up as many wild horses and burros as they want, when they want and behind the public’s back with no accountability by using bait/water trapping. Read this trapping article:

In order for anything to be considered normal or average there must be ups and downs. In 2011 the precipitation in Elko (mid-Nevada) was 125% of normal, 2012 was 63% of normal and as of April 2013 Elko had 78% of normal precipitation and since then [May] it has had another almost half-inch of rain and today’s forecast states, “BRIEF HEAVY RAIN” and “MODERATE TO LOCALLY HEAVY RAIN IS CURRENTLY FALLING” and “RAINFALL RATES OF ONE-QUARTER TO ONE-HALF INCH PER HOUR IS POSSIBLE IN THIS [storm] BAND”. Read full post >>

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  1. The ROAM ACT 1971 was written and Unanimously Passed for the Protection of All Mustangs, there is absolutely NO AMNESTY for ANYONE including the Criminal BLM, In fact it was probably written in leiu of them, they hAVE ALWAYS HARRASSED the Mustangs < ASK ANNIE !!!!


  2. I have been researching this issue for nearly 15 years. I was currently in the West and was surprised to hear about gathers as the horses were in good flesh and there was more forage than usual. The concerns exist within the BLM managing for multiple use. I am not sure why there is not widespread (east of the Mississippi) reporting on the minimal cost of grazing a cow and calf on public lands (is it still $1.25 per month)? and the impact of oil and gas? Public lands are mostly in the West. Nevada is about 80% public lands that belong to all US citizens. With an emphasis on privatizing everything, public lands lie in opposition to this agenda.Could BLM employees also be trying to show how important they are by having these roundups in an era of governmental cuts?


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