Reno Rodeo bans cameras


Contact: Steve Hindi (630) 640 1889

Bareback Event, Reno Rodeo. Source: Flickr.
Bareback Event, Reno Rodeo. Source: Flickr.

RENO (June 3, 2013) — After the Reno Rodeo was exposed shocking horses for two consecutive years by SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) investigators, rodeo officials have chosen to ban not just video cameras, but also many still cameras.

According to SHARK president Steve Hindi, “The Reno Rodeo had to make a choice – stop the abuse, or stop the documentation of the abuse. They obviously have chosen the latter.”

In a letter to Reno Rodeo Association President John Tipton, Hindi has registered his disgust with the new policy, and is asking how cell phones, which have the capacity to take video, will be handled.

Hindi also calls out Reno Rodeo for their false claim that cameras are not allowed at Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) rodeos, stating: “In fact, with only a rare exception, one will find plenty of video cameras at PRCA rodeos. Those who ban cameras obviously have something to hide, and so it is most unfortunate that the Reno Rodeo has chosen to join those ranks.” The truth is, the PRCA has no policy relating to video cameras, that decision lies entirely with the individual rodeo committee. It speaks volumes that the Reno Rodeo won’t ‘cowboy up’ and instead tries to pass the buck to the PRCA instead of being honest and standing behind their own misguided policy.

The Reno decision comes on the heels of another rodeo in Oregon, which is following a similar path. The Big Loop Rodeo, in Jordan Valley, Oregon, chose to allow rodeo supporters to film the rodeo, but ordered anyone they chose to stop recording and leave the grounds. The media was not allowed to film. One individual, a SHARK investigator, was arrested for doing nothing but filming.

Hindi went on to say, “The rodeo industry is obviously tired of being continuously exposed for animal abuse, and since the industry has no intention of stopping the abuse, it will instead take a page from totalitarian regimes. They are clearly willing to go to any lengths to subvert the truth, no matter how un-American that behavior.”

The new Reno Rodeo Policy can be read here:

Hindi’s letter to Tipton is available here [link omitted].

SHARK videos exposing Reno Rodeo abuses in 2011 and 2012 can be seen here:

Reno Rodeo Clown Secretly Shocks Horses

Calf Killed at 2012 Reno Rodeo

Shocking Reno Rodeo Clown Exposed

Reno Rodeo Horses Shocked

Bloody Reno Rodeo Horse Bucked in Spite of Injury


Some of the Reno Rodeo top sponsors.
Some of the Reno Rodeo top sponsors.


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26 thoughts on “Reno Rodeo bans cameras”

  1. I see Reno Rodeo has a Facebook page. Maybe posting a message on what people think of their sadistic “event” couldn’t hurt.


  2. Wow, did you read the policy? Quote: “All bags, jackets and blankets will be searched.” That wording really creeps me out. They obviously know they’ve got a lot to hide. Sounds like something you’d see on a sign at Michael’s Vick’s old place.


  3. I’m afraid that I love animals too much to attend a rodeo. A real cowboy would do everything possible to not have his horse injured nor the cows.
    Time to boycott if this is an everyday occurence


  4. The way to stop this is by boycotting the sponsors and letting them know that is the deal. Make those calls to the sponsors and watch what happens. But enough have to call. It’s like politicians; 5 calls make no difference, but 25 do.


  5. This is the ‘new’ generation of ‘cowboy’; by objectifying the animals, they can then justify hurting them… what a collection of limp-dicks.

    But the message in the article is clear: If you AREN’T doing anything wrong, then there should be no problem with folks running video or taking pictures. Really – what were the consequences for the last time SHARK made video of abuse public? Not a damn thing. Same terrific sponsors, same money-grubbin’ purse and Lordy, let’s not forget that buckle.

    ( I harp on this, ad nauseum, but it’s all I got.) My family were REAL cowboys. They would no more consider causing an animal unnecessary pain or fear than they would leave a Leppe calf to starve. Their stock represented income; it’s how they made a living. No one would buy a damaged cow or a horse so traumatized by brutal handling, it had lost it’s mind. Regardless of the eventual outcome for their cattle (they were beef cattle, after all), there was an ’emotional’ attachment to animals raised from infancy & seen to on a daily basis. The animal’s condition upon sale was a source of pride – fat, sleek, healthy. Stock was important & precious… now, they’re merely disposable – the sole product of the fools that raise them for rodeo, and the fools who ruin them for the sake of a purse and a buckle.

    It’s disgusting.


    1. How can law enforcement allow this ban? How will they be able to prove cruelty? I say, whoever can go, do so and take a camera.

      and I am not convinced that these horses are not BLM wild hroses bought through teh sale authority program. There are holding facilities that sit on their hands and do not process, brand and tag the horses that come in.

      Why that official did not REQUIRE the horse to be pulled and be checked is beyond me and shows me the animals are not important enough to consider the pain and mental state they suffer at thetse events.


  6. How will this ever end for the poor animals—– shame on those humans we need to ban this abuse— how can they feel good about what they are doing—- how can they can sleep at night!


    1. DeAR frosty !!! How do they sleep at night , GREED is a powerful thing , it seems like it takes over all moral judgement !!! Thats how they sleep at night !!!!!!


  7. it bothers me so much that the laws protect the animal abusers, not the animals. What is wrong with our society??? We have a gutless government.


  8. What on earth has happened to our country’s moral values??? It’s as simple as right from wrong?? God gave us the responsibility of looking after his animals and to care for the humanly, then how can any organization condone this cruelty to horses?? Is is suppose to be fun to watch them being scared to death and lassoed around their very breakable legs??? THIS is just CRAZY and completely irresponsible, so sick??? !!!!!!!!! ANGERS ME, it surely does, and if I lived where this took place you can bet your bottom dollar I would film and report it with out hesitation….


  9. Wow, talk about having something to hide. Guilty as charged, no such thing as innocent till proven guilty for these organizations. Sick, perverted individuals who get off on abusing animals for their pleasure. Absolutely no moral character there.


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