A partly blind ex-racehorse is Orb’s go-to pony

Well Well (right) is an ex-racehorse featured on Off-Track Thoroughbreds. Photograph from their blog, taken by Brittan Wall.
Well Well (on the right) is an ex-racehorse featured in one of the many success stories told by Off-Track Thoroughbreds. Photograph: Brittan Wall.

Cross-posted from Off-Track Thoroughbreds


Nearly blind in one eye, and possessing none of the flash and pizzazz of more beautiful racehorses, the plain bay Thoroughbred spent most of his life shirking the limelight.

Well Well was a weird little horse, recalls his longtime rider Priscilla Godsoe.

Though he had a work ethic a mile long, and was one of the most able-bodied and willing mounts on which she’d ever traversed the Pennsylvania foxhunting territory, Well Well was a bit of a loner.

“He didn’t like other horses and really didn’t have any friends out in the field,” Godsoe says. “And the first day I met him, when I was 14 years old, he stood in the back of his stall, pinned his ears, and was tearing at me like I was some kind of monster.”

So naturally, she was stunned last week to see her little project horse of yesteryear in news photos accompanying none other than Kentucky Derby winner Orb! Read full post >>


Off-Track Thoroughbreds is a blog “dedicated to telling Success Stories of off-track Thoroughbreds who transition into next careers, or retirement.”

“The stories found [t]here are intended to showcase the versatility and athletic aptitude of ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds in a multitude of next jobs, from trail horse to competitive eventer, and to convey their value to the world once their racing days are finished.”

The blog’s about page further states:

“Ultimately, we wish to uncover and tell the positive stories of people and equines throughout the Thoroughbred world, demonstrating that ex-racehorses make great athletic competitors, wonderful partners, and loyal friends.”

This a brilliant blog full of stories filled with hope, optimism and happy transitions. Thank you Sue Salk & Co. Subscribe to their blog here.

3 thoughts on “A partly blind ex-racehorse is Orb’s go-to pony”

  1. Thank you for sharing such a great story about second chances. It seems that the horses can transform and what seemed like a lost cause turns around and becomes so special.

    Hey do you have any horse related items (tack, riding apparel, stable equipments, etc.) that you would like to sell? If you have a horse or pony that you would like to sell? Would you consider posting it on http://www.anythingforhorseandrider.com. All proceeds benefit Raise Your Dreams Farm that work with special needs children and adults. I promise I will market my heart out to get them sold.


  2. Well well some very beautiful things do happen at the Race Track dont they !!!!! I can only imagine what Priscilla felt seeing Well Well there standing next to Orb, he is every bit as handsome and as well groomed as Orb also !!!!!!


  3. Well Well is such a handsome horse and looked awesome next to Orb. I been a fan of Orb since the Kentucky Derby. He ran faster than fast. Incredible talent.. Well Well was a very comforting partner to Orb as they were walking. Well Well has grace and a true athlete, too. I hope both Orb and Well Well stay together. They are simply perfect…..


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