Video shows dead horse was indeed electro-shocked at Cowtown Rodeo


SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness Logo. Source image.

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is releasing this new video showing that Duke, the horse that died at the Cowtown Rodeo, was indeed electro-shocked.

This is in response to comments made by Grant Harris, owner of the Cowtown Rodeo, saying that the horse was not shocked.


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I hope that the young man cradling Duke’s head, the only one who seemed responsive in any sort of compassionate way, learns from this, and sees what a horrible life this is for the horses who are bullied, many say tortured, and we see in this instance killed, to perform in these brutal, deadly, outdated events.

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20 thoughts on “Video shows dead horse was indeed electro-shocked at Cowtown Rodeo”

      1. Perhaps what Arlene is trying to figure out is if Duke had been in the rodeo for a number of years and it was being electro-shocked over a period of time that led to his death. Who knows what being shocked over and over plus the exertions of bucking so hard has on the longevity of a horse.


      2. I was wondering how old because I wanted to figure out how many years of this kind of abuse did Duke suffer !!!!!


        1. German study which is posted on SHARKs website describes a horse that has come to realize that its protestations are useless so it becomes immoble. A horse over a period of years that is sure its attempts to evade mistreatment will do no good will stand and be stubborn about moving even when slapped in the face, or its ears bit (which is one of the reason you will grown men bite a horses’s ears). the prod and shock is to get the last bit of energy out of that horse because it has gotten to the point it will not move against wwhat it considers to be an attack. the same goes with wild animals that have been taken down and being eaten alive. The prey freezes. it is disgusting to see man enable the dregs of society by providing a stage for varying degrees of legal “sadism.”


  1. Cowardly man that shocked that poor horse that ultimately lead to his are a waste of the air we breath..and the Rodeos need to stop now and hold them was obvious to me that the young man had ‘NO’ knowledge as to what happened to this poor horse..I am deeply saddened by what I just seen..:-(


    1. I have always hated rodeos for the cruelty…BUT I NEVER KNEW UNTIL THIS MOMENT THAT THE ANIMALS ARE SHOCKED TO MAKE THEM BUCK!!! What is the matter with humans, anyway? So much suffering in the name of entertainment. HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME, YOU MISERABLE CRUELTY-LOVING ******** …AND YES, YOU ARE ALL THAT WAY!!!


  2. I hope that the pro-rodeom pro-cowboy, pro-country tradition read this. That horse was killed. The shock was given to his girth area, looking at the angle and length of the prod. That animal may have been forced into what is known as arythymic areythmia and together with the adrenaline rush he was in anyway – his heart may have burst.

    If the horses are bred to buck, love their jobs, can’t wait until the next time – WHY does this happen. The horses, if you follow the logic of these horse haters, would know that when the gate opens they get to fling their heels high! they’d know that once that gate opens, they can give it all they are worth. They HATE it. They are afraid and in pain. They are stressed from the transportation – rodeos are allowed to transport using double deckers – they hate the stinking pens they have to stand in waiting for their turn to COMPETE and they hate the neanderathal handlers feeding and moving them. That poor young man was face to face with teh reality of what rodeo is all about. The look on his face, the pain of realizing the horse did not need to die, listening to his mentors telling him to get out of the way and then coming back to ride the sled with him. That poor young man has a heart and part of it died with that horse.

    That grand horse was a beauty and I am sorry he died in that way. At least he died with the feel of that young man’s hands on him strokign his neck and face. Damn the rest of them.


  3. This is outrageous !What a horrible and cruel way for this beautiful creature to die.Aren’t there laws in place where person or persons can be charged and serve time in prison for animal cruelty ?Any person who was at that rodeo or saw this video , can be witness.Any business or “entertainment” that promotes cruel and inhumane treatment to any kind of animal should be monitored and have extremely high monetary penalties placed upon them and collected.If not they should be banned and outlawed.


  4. I’m glad I saw this frame by frame. What bothered me when I first saw this was the announcer blathering on and on making a mockery out of a horrible event. He even had the audience applauding the horse as he was dragged out like you would any hurt athlete. The problem was if Duke wasn’t already dead he was unconscious and moments from death.

    So let’s see, the bucking strap and spurs aren’t enough to make the horse buck–now rodeo folks are shocking animals? Nice. No wonder I don’t attend rodeos!

    I member my last one. In San Francisco rodeo and the horse show are all held in the same evening. When I went the horse show portion was first so when it was over I left. I stayed one night for the broncs and to my horror I heard the announcer say “let’s see this mare buck her baby out”. The mare was some 6/7 months pregnant. That night she was put on the truck to be sent back to the ranch cause she had indeed “bucked her baby out”. I was horrified when I heard from other personnel. We didn’t have SHARK then. There was no one to complain to.


  5. Amen and RIP sweet Duke.

    And yes, I hope that compassionate young man has learned a valuable lesson about the cruelty and abuse these animals are subjected to.


  6. Effing outrageous! Even my 12 year old step son saw the wrong doing in this and he isn’t even a horse person so that has to tell you something. If they can impose strict regulations for circuses, then why can they not do it for rodeos? Or ban them all because I am sure there is even still abuses that still go on in circuses. This needs to stop. I think rodeos aren’t even what the original rodeos were.


  7. This is also sad because , if this young man would have stopped them , he wouldnt have been in this situation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !!!!!!


  8. It was very odd to see that video and see that that young man seemed to be the only person that gave a rat’s behind about that horse’s suffering. It was good to know he was at least there the comfort the poor animal


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