How underweight and neglected Stallion became Britain’s tallest horse

Thought it might be nice this Friday to have a feel good story. Check out this guy!

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Sovereign, Britain's Tallest Horse. Photo: Daily Mail.
Sovereign, Britain’s Tallest Horse. Photo: Daily Mail.

Owner Paul Evans paid just £200 for Sovereign two years ago and nurtured him back to a proper state of health again

Britain’s previous record-breaker, a Clydesdale called Digger, stood at 19.3 hands (6ft 6ins).

New owner Paul Evans believes Sovereign could go on to smash the world best of 21 hands (7ft) tall.

The father-of-two, who runs a horse carriage business in Werrington, Staffordshire, bought the filthy and malnourished beast for £200 and nurtured him back to health after his former owners kept him in a tiny cow shed.

Mr Evans said: ‘I never believed he would grow into such a monster.

‘Because he’s still young he’s still got years of growth in front of him.

‘He could well top 22 or maybe more hands, which will make him a world record breaker.’

The Guinness Book of World Records has yet to confirm the UK record. But it looks like Sovereign, who weighs more than a tonne and eats eight kilos of hay and corn a day, has large size in his genes.

Both parents were prize-winners and his half-sister Ruby is already 5ft 3ins – at a year old.

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  1. Geez! This guy is about a foot and an inch taller than myself, as I am 5’11″…wow! I am glad that he has become so majestic after coming from such horrid conditions. One would think his growth would have been stunted from such abhoring conditions. I am so happy for Soverign!


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