Help derail the Farm Bill and the King Amendment

Paint Horse. Photographer unknown.

Hello Followers of Tuesday’s Horse!

Last week the US House passed the Farm Bill. If it becomes law, this five-year piece of legislation can override critical State animal protection statutes including horse slaughter and other anti-cruelty statutes.

Not a single Democrat voted for this measure. In a highly partisan move, only 12 Republicans did not vote for it.

We are talking about the destructive King Amendment.

See how they voted here.

As of this writing, no similar language is in the Senate version of the Farm Bill.

The next step is a Senate and House conference on the Farm Bill and we are continually monitoring its announcement.

We must make sure that our voices are heard on behalf of all animals impacted by the King Amendment, but especially our horses who are also under threat of slaughter returning to US soil in the coming weeks.

Will you help us keep up the pressure on their behalf against these deadly actions?

Click to donate $24.00 and become a Member.
Click to donate $24.00 and become a Member.

Please become a member of the Int’l Fund for Horses to support lobbying at the State and Federal level. The annual donation for membership remains $24.00.

If you have already joined or donated for this cause, thank you so very much. We know the horses are also very, very grateful to you for every dollar you give, phone call you make, email you send, and editorial you write on their behalf.

Much appreciation and warm regards,


Note: If you have recently made a donation, and wish that to be applied to becoming a Member, please email me or use our contact form.

Wish to make another type of contribution for lobbying and legal fees?
Please donate here. Thank you!


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