Horse brutally injured, potentially killed at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo


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On Tuesday, July 23, 2013 during the Steer Wrestling event at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) a horse suffered a brutal and devastating injury. Investigators from SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), who have been monitoring animal abuse at the rodeo, captured most of the horrific event on video.


The video shows that, as the rider chased the steer, he aimed the horse at an angle that was dangerously close to the fence and large platform. In these following screen shots from the video, you can see how the horse was literally shot toward the fence and platform at high speed, with no chance of turning or avoiding the structure. In the last image, the horse is just inches away from the fence and structure.

Horse run dangerously close to fence during steer wrestling event. The horse was seriously injured and reasonably believed dead. SHARK images.
Horse run dangerously close to fence during steer wrestling event. The horse was seriously injured and reasonably believed dead. SHARK image. (click to enlarge)

Seconds later, the video shows the horse on the ground, with his legs shaking. A few minutes after that, the unmoving horse was winched into a truck. A long trail of blood can be seen on the ramp the horse was dragged up on.

The announcer attempted to reassure the audience by saying that the blood belonged to one of the contestants who had dislocated his shoulder and that the blood was his and not the horse’s. He also said there is a staff of veterinarians on hand and the rodeo is guided by the rules of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). SHARK has documented many incidents of animal abuse, injury and death at PRCA rodeos, which is glossed over as “freak accidents” and ignored, including numerous violations of the PRCA’s no “jerk down” rule resulting in injured calves at CFD.*

SHARK believes that the rider may have created this situation by how he drove the horse toward the fence. The rider should have seen the danger before him and never abandoned his horse in such a dangerous position.

SHARK is demanding that the CFD release all the video that they have of this incident, including the veterinarian reports, and that an immediate investigation be initiated into the actions of that rider.

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Blood from a dislocated shoulder of a contestant? How desperate an attempt at a coverup is that?

End this infantile barbarity now. No horse or any other animal should be subjected to suffering and death for any reason, let alone this.

See post and video at Vivian’s personal blog >>

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  1. horses are made for working maybe he shouldn’t have jumped off but accidents happen screw all you stupid idiots who hate rodeos maybe you all should be banned from america for being stupid

    1. If America would be banning stupid… you and the so called cowboys would have be banned a long time ago….

      1. Don’t worry Josh@yahoo, if anything bad every happens in this Country the city folks will have no clue how to take care of themselves but the country folks will survive, we can take care of ourselves. These bleeding hearts that have NO CLUE what a horse or cattle ect are meant for will starve to death.

        1. I think you watch too much TV Denise. Anyone who gets their entertainment from making animals perform stupid tricks for them is a pathetic human being, doubly so when the animals get hurt and suffer for it. If people want to take part in dangerous activities, fine. They understand the risks but the animals don’t and they have no choice in the matter. And all this just so people can get their jollies while safely sitting in the stands. Why not go watch a football game or do something productive instead, there are lots of sports and activities to do that do not involve animal abuse.

        2. Denise, honey, I live in the country and haven’t had to harden my heart against the plight of animals. Don’t be giving “city folk” the wrong impression; many country folk know full well that we can survive and even thrive without ever inflicting harm on fellow creatures. Why do we know that?…, because we live in the country and don’t leave our ethics behind and we don’t mock city folk for questioning the methods that food from animals is produced, in fact, we pass a lot of laws that make sure wild and wooly anything goes country folk conform to humane treatment of animals, and that living outside city limits is no excuse to go all backwoods on other creatures. oh yeah, Denise, the city doesn’t have dibs on compassion so don’t be spreading lies.

      2. You people have no idea about anything in the rodeo world. You need to just keep your pansy asses at home in a box where you belong.

        1. I know about the rodeo world and a great deal of denial goes on,… a great deal of rationalization of harming animals goes on…. a great deal of pretending the brutality is ok goes on… a great deal of hardening of the heart goes on… a great deal of sucking it up to play cowboy goes on… a great deal of name calling to those who look at the ethical issues goes on. what is the opposite of “pansy ass’ anyway? “hard ass…mr tough as nails… mr fuck what gets harmed cuz I want to play rodeo ? ps, that’s my quarter horse on the logo… I’m a tough enough son of a bitch to defend his right not to be ruined to satisfy your immature need to be entertained… it, pal

      3. America was built on hard working cowboys and farmers. If you are going to call cowboys stupid than you are calling your heritage and that of this country stupid!

    2. You stupid ****. Takes a moron like you to confuse “working” with abuse. Rodeo is not “work” for horses, no more than circus tricks is “work” for elephants. When will your breed of useless, obsolete Neanderthals die off the face of the planet! Die already, soulless twat!

      1. Actually Marie, you would be the stupid one as Rodeo is made of working animals that they do every day on a ranch to help provide the food that millions of Americans eat every day. And if you had any knowledge of what an animal does in its natural invironment you would see that those horses play and run and guess what even hurt themselves while doing it but it is just your ignorance of what you don’t know that shows when you make statements as you did above!

        1. that kind of “work” is soon to be extinct you ignorant bitch rebecca. Apparently you have really never seen wild horses in the wild doing what they do. I can tell because your asinine statement. Eat shit and die.

        2. Absolutely no rancher would risk his best animals in such folly.. these are sports, and these animals are used by big name urban corporate sponsors that have very little to do with the care of herds…. they care about raking in big bucks off of suckers who haven’t once considered the ethical treatment of animals. Human beings are not on the earth to merely reproduce the brute violence of the wilderness environment; human beings are here to introduce behaviors more elevated than indiscriminate pressures of the wild upon animals. When you use wild behaviors as a rationale for human beings to inflict risk and suffering on fellow creatures, you weakly dodge the ethical question. If the only thing your mind comes up with is , well, shit happens in nature, then never bother to see a dentist when you have a toothache, or try to protect yourself from bad food, or visit an optometrist when you need glasses, because …shit happens in nature so suck it up….and you and i both know you won’t because you are glad as hell human beings try to hold a civilized stance towards one another and try to alleviate suffering. Next time your favorite little fluffy dog gets sick, just put him in the corner and watch him live or die, because that’s what happens in “nature”…. don’t you dare bother to intervene with “nature” and visit the vet. How feeble is your defense of such a morally antiquated pasttime. give me a break.

    3. Speaking of stupid……the guy was supposed to jump off! He was the one that was supposed to take down the steer. Ummmm… you use YOUR brain much?

    4. “Maybe he shouldn’t have jumped off”??
      That’s what they do in this event. You know, steer-neck breaking.
      It looked like an older horse, he was running hard, it is only natural to snort in disbelief when the announcer said “blood from a dislocated shoulder”. Where’s the arm that was ripped off? Dislocations are usually pretty bloodless. So are aneurysms.
      An older horse, running hard, head held down tight, on his left lead, bent left, I can see the horse catching the side of his head on that platform thing.
      Those of you saying the horse “could have” stopped, because they can “stop on a dime”? Learn how physics works, please. A SLIDING dime, yes.
      Where’s the video, showing what actually happened? Sure looked like the horse caught his head on something, to be turned 90 degrees like that so abruptly. Did he drop, and THEN tear his head/neck? It was a horrible accident, and clearly the rodeo needs to show the video we we all know, exactly, what happened. That would be the right thing to do.
      Something CFD doesn’t do very much of, of course. They are all about horsemanshit and stockmanshit, just for shits and giggles. Isn’t it fun to watch calves do cartwheels!! Horses turned inside out with panic! Bring your kids, watch the gore, I mean, fun…

    5. Wow. With such perfect grammar and extensive vocabulary, I would almost think you graduated from 6th grade. That might also explain why you fail to understand the meaning of cruelty. The inhumane treatment of animals has no place in a society as advanced as ours. Rodeos are a thing of the past and serve no purpose today except for entertainment. A real cowboy treats his horse with extreme care because, out on the range, that animal is his lifeline and working partner, not like most of these wannabees at rodeos.

    6. That´s easy – I don not live in America. So you don´t have to ban me for thinking that this is a waste of life and a stupid kind of “entertainment “.

  2. look people, yes this is terrible and very very sad that that horse was injured. HOWEVER stop blaming the rider. That horse had time to turn away. Even at a dead run a horse can stop and turn, yes he was on his own to move to the right to avoid the fence but that didn’t happen sadly. That’s not the riders fault that horse is trained to finish without a rider. The rider was very concerned for his horse as you can see in the video as soon as he saw something was wrong he ran to the horse. Im not blaming the horse but I’m not blaming the rider either. A horse can fatally injure itself in it’s own pasture as horrible as it is horse injuries happen. People get injured by horses just as often if no more and a lot of times its the horses fault, and they are still loved by their owners. So just stop. And on another note yes there is a lot of abuse in rodeos but this is not one of them. To most of those cowboys, there horse means everything to them.

    1. What is wrong with you? IT IS the rider’s fault for taking his horse to a rodeo to begin with. A rodeo is a place of extreme stress and abuse, animals feel it and REACT. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE, they are stressed and in fear. With good reason seeing the blatant abuse going on to amuse a few retards.

      1. So now you’re saying everyone who has ever spectated at a rodeo is a retard as well? Wow….. sounds like you are an educated person who’s opinion should matter!? 

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        1. I hate name calling, period. But I suppose you could say “your side” started it. They have done nothing but call others all sort of names, some of them unpublishable. I barrel raced as a teen but gave it up because of the pain and suffering I saw meted out to other rodeo animals and horses in other events. I was called a retard then too. Hasn’t changed my thinking one bit.

      2. Marie, you are so misguided. Most of these horses love what they do and are extremely well taken care of. These horses get taken better care of then so many people we see on the news take care of their children. Do you honestly think that any cowboy or cowgirl would pay thousands for their horses and spend countless hours taking care of them to abuse them? If you do then you have serious problems.

    2. Wow….the horse “had time to turn away”? At that speed? Do stop action on the video, and you can see that horse was being angled INTO the fence by the second rider. And, yes, injuries happen day to day. We ALL know that….but somehow, I can’t help but think that if this horse was grazing in its pasture, or yes, being used for regular ranch work or out for a pleasure ride, it would still be alive today. Don’t give me the pap about the horse “meaning everything to these “people”….my dogs mean everything to me, so I keep them in a SAFE environment.

    3. The difference is people can close to participate …. do you really think the livestock would consent to this type of abuse? Yipee!! What fun!!

  3. My heart break 4 that Poor horse he only done what he was told and didnt ask 2 DIE. I love my Horse and would never hurt him he trust me to keep him safe. so so sad

    1. So Sissy, if your horse had a heart attack you would think you caused it. Grey was well loved and taken care, probably better than you could ever imagine! The cowboy is heart broken and loved his horse too. Grey trusted his owner also probably more than your horse because he was a true partner!

      1. Ramona, This is a blog that is against any type of Horse Abuse clearly you need to find a blog that will listen to your rantings, that RODEOS are not abusive to horses and all the other animals, that are subjected to this Kind of Cruelty.and abuse …………. what part of sticking a steel rod up a horses butt then shocking him is not extreme CRUELTY?????? Sorry you will find no sympathy here !!!!!

        1. I’ve never seen a rod stuck up a horses butt! You guys dream up this stuff…. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you people believe what others write, go see for yourself before you get so righteous cause this horse died from a heart attack!!!

        2. Sorry so many years of of desensitizing, obviously has clouded your views, again you are not preaching to the Choir here ………. I suggest you find another Blog !!! One you may find justification……………………….

        3. This is an interesting comment. “No dissenting opinions wanted. Just agree with me and we’ll all get along. And btw, I’ll make up any kind of story to justify my poistion no matter how absurd.” This really gets to the center of the whole SHARK mentality. Don’t bother clouding the issue with facts. The horse essentially had a heart attack. There was no abuse associated. At least get your facts straight and think for yourself rather than listening to whatever Mr. Bindi (sp?) tells you to think.

        4. Interestingly, horses are dying of these said “heart attacks” not just in your “sport” or whatever you want to call it, but in other sports as well. Why is that exactly? They can’t all have “birth defects”.

        5. Arlene I grew up Trick and Roman riding, my horses we spoiled, they ate before I did and I sure didn’t have someone clean up after me like I did for my horses. My horses were rodeo horses and they were never abused. I honestly don’t know where you people get these idea’s you have. I had a vet on call 24/7, no matter what state I was in performing.

        6. Actually Vivian Farrell, horses do die every day of heart attacks. and there are two reasons…first off horses now days are taken so well care of that they are now living into their 30’s and 40’s whereas use to most of them would only live into their 20’s so just like people the older we get the more risk of having a heart attack. And secondly, yes there is diseases and genetic defects that horses have that can cause them to have heart attacks just as people can. Get your facts straight!!!!

      2. I’ll bet that “cowboy” was heart-broken enough to be back “competing” in the next event.

      3. Poor Grey. Trusted a stupid cowboy who probably didn’t finish junior high cause his parents were too stupid because they didn’t finish school and didn’t know about birth control and had too many kids so the cowboy had to go out and try to make money for his pathetic family. FUCK COWBOYS AND RODEOS

  4. All Americans should boycott rodeos. Without the income generated from spectators, rodeos will die on the vine. And, I say good riddance. This is absolute barbarism!!!!!

    1. Really, do you think they do it for money. Not they do it because it’s a lifestyle and the love of the sport. They take better care of there horses then you could ever think. They have lots of money into these animals, do you really think they want to hurt a horse they put tons of money, time and energy into. Give me a brake, most rodeo horses cost as much as some people’s homes. They are very well trained. This is just a freak accident . My heart goes out to the cowboy and his horse.

      1. It nauseates me that so often the “reason” they “love” these horses is because THEY have invested something. They don’t even get that they do that and therefore loudly crow this type of garbage… “They have lots of money into these animals, do you really think they want to hurt a horse they put tons of money, time and energy into.”… How incredibly selfish.

      2. A “sport” ??? Since when is something considered a sport when players are in it against their will and fighting for their very lives? This is no more a sport than hunting. It is plainly and clearly animal abuse for the sadistic and egocentric pleasure of retards such as yourself. Get a soul, learn of empathy and compassion.

        1. So funny that you think these horses are “fighting for their lives” or that they are “players against their will” that is so laughable. When leading my horses to the trailer they would jump in on their own, ready to go. They were well trained and well cared for. I would go to great lengths for any of my animals, horses, dogs, cattle ect. WAY before I would go to the aid of some people. My animals are far more advanced mentally than some of the people I see commenting on this site. That cowboy is very much feeling the loss of his beloved doggin horse.

      3. Give you a “brake?” Spelling, dear! Rodeo is inherently barbaric, it does not represent anything about our “glorious Western heritage” which by the way, was not very glorious or glamorous: ask any Indian.

        It is a totally ridiculous parody based on old western TV shows. What the ? What real wrangler rides a BULL? There’s work to be done on a ranch…This is ludicrous! Rodeo is nothing but a circus where the animals are made to perform for our amusement, that includes barrel racing, pole bending, et al. It is laughable, cruel, and needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

        The participants need to find a real job. H’mmmm. Maybe they can’t.

        1. Wow you really do not have a clue do you? Tell me, are you a member of the Confederated Tribes? Ohh most likely No, you’re probably from European descent, or the product of slavery like everyone else. Civilizations have forever been invaded by other races. Look at the Anasazi, run off by the Utes, Apaches, Piutes. Can’t blame that one on the white man! First off no cowboy worth his salt is called a “wrangler” think you may be watching too many old westerns trying to learn the lingo…. They only exist at Dude Ranches. Where people like you go to enjoy the scenery. I may be wrong, but I doubt you have ever put in a long day of sweaty extremely laborious work in your life. You have no right to judge there.
          Like someone else said, if it weren’t for people who compete or use their horses for something other than a lawn ornament they would mainly be used for meat. How does that settle with your bleeding heart?

        2. Wow Amanda is so smart! Perhaps she knows everything! She likes to insult people and not stick to the issue at hand….that rodeo is a farce. And that it needs to go away, pronto.

      4. A lifestyle, and the love to the “sport”? Seems to me Michael Vick felt the same way about dog fights. Yup…..

    2. Another stupid comment by a person who doesn’t seem to know what rodeo is all about. If you don’t like it don’t go and if you go to bitch about it then you are the one with the problem.

      1. Hey Dick, (I’ll bet you think that people that address you by name like and respect you…) We know what rodeo “is all about”, we know what you are “all about”… If you can say to yourself that it is ok to hurt someone else, especially if it’s not done in REAL self defense AND you view it as some (sick) form of “entertainment?!?!” then you have a real deficiency. As more and more negative things start to happen to you… :) yes…thinner hahaha

        1. CAN you start with why a aortic aneurism was so BLOODY???? HUMMM NEVER EVER SEEN ONE LIKE THAT”””””””””’/////////////////////

      2. Hummm Dick Hooker , maybe you can enlighten us ?????? i am looking forward to it !!!!!!!!!

      1. Wow Lots of people supporting cruelty to animals… no wonder this country is in so much trouble.. no respect for life… just a bunch of me me me …. Rodeos are cruelty.. cowboys do not care about and love their horses… they would never put them in so much danger if they did… I do not feel one bit sorry for the stupid redneck cowboy… he will run right out and buy another poor horse and the abuse start all over again…

    1. These Men are not Cowboys , no Cowboy would ever hurt his HORSE, A REAL COWBOY Protects his Horse from all Harm !!!!!!! A REAL COWBOY respects his Horse as he respects himself…………………

      1. did you see him ran after his horse obviously he was concerned about his horse and its not like the rider ran him into the fence on purpose. if you don’t rodeo or don’t have horses of your own you have no say in how a cowboy or cowgirl treat their horses. Yeah this is a horrible accident but that’s what it was an ACCIDENT. Horses get hurt all the time yeah maybe that horse should have turned a little bit they are quick and they are able to avoid things like this. Horses are working animals they love to work if they didn’t no one would be able to ride them than what they end up at a slaughter factory is that a life of a horse to be born raised than killed for their meat if it wasn’t for cowboys and cowgirls that’s all horses would be used for is meat at least the cowboys and cowgirls give there life meaning and they do care and respect their horses.

        1. So….it was the HORSE’S fault? Thanks so much for clarifying that. Damn horses, ya just can’t keep ’em away from those fences.

        2. It’s not just “cowboys” and “cowgirls” that love their horses, I have 8 horses that I love dearly, and I trail ride, I do competition trail trials, I endurance ride, and I show in western and english, and I give lessons to future equestrians! Not 1 of my horses will ever end up at the auction or slaughterhouse!!! And most of them are Mustangs !!! AND I love many “cowboys” and “cowgirls”, those who love and treat their horses well and respect them! Every sport in the equestrian world has the good, the bad, and the ugly – not just rodeo…

        1. An aortic aneurysm leaves that much blood? I thought that was what had happened to Hickstead….I didn’t see one drop of blood.

      2. Your an idiot, he is a real cowboy. Don’t you see how much it bothers him to see his horse in pain. The money they spend on there animal is more then you will ever know. This is a lifestyle and there animal is family. Get a real life and worry about the neglect of animals that are starved to death. Daily !!!!

        1. what do you say about the calves that they continuously hurt? …and of course, there goes the old “they spend money”…”they invest something of themselves therefore they don’t WANT to hurt them” They just do. The animals whose injuries they cause don’t hurt any less if it’s an “accident” and so many cruel things they do to them ARE NOT accidents.

      3. I’m pretty certain this “man” nor “men” in the arena hurt this amazing athlete…. Its called a tragic accident…. A REAL COWBOY DOES PROTECT his horse, his best friend, his partner from harm… But A REAL COWBOY can NOT protect his best friend, his partner, his horse from something he has NO control over… An aortic aneurism is out of that Cowboys hands…. Just like it is out of ours if walk into work & have one ourselves…. You have no clue no idea when something like that will happen… Not even us humans know if & or when something like that will take a loved from us………….

        1. Here we go with the aneurysm thing. Who makes up these things? Oh yes, desperate people.

          Oh, and BTW, I consider my dogs and cats my best friends, too. That’s why I keep them safe from harm. My dogs are securely fenced, and my cats are indoor cats, except for when I take them outside on leashes. I would never deliberately put them in harms way.

        2. So Marg, since you keep your dogs and cats by keeping them fenced up and in a house that is truely not their natural invironment and unable to move freely but only at your whim of when you want to take them for walks you must be being abusive to your animals because we know that they would naturally rather be out loose. And you only have them for your amusement so don’t get righteous about horses owners and what they do with them for pleasure because any horse owner knows that horses get board and like having something to do just as your cats and dogs do

        3. Well, Rebecca….since you are spouting off PETA’s well-known objection to “using” ANY kind of animal for anything, including keeping them for pets, I can presume you are a card-carrying member of that organization. I will ask you what I ask them: All 3 of my dogs are rescues, as are my 3 cats. What would you suggest I DO with them? Turn them loose to fend for themselves? One of the cats I rescued was hours away from being killed….had been held in a cat trap for four and a half DAYS in the vet CLINIC, because the vet was afraid of him. She was planning to gas him as soon as she had time. He had not been given food or water….except for what they threw on the floor through the bars of the trap. His ears had been frozen after spending a winter outside….FENDING FOR HIMSELF. The other kitten came from a litter in a barn, where the cats rarely live past one year. And my oldest cat (now 15 years) was found as a four-month old kitten in the middle of nowhere. So now, enlighten me! Let me know what YOU would do with these 6 animals, if you think I am treating them so miserably. (Hubby’s sitting on a wooden chair watching the football game, while 3 dogs and one of the cats snooze on the sofa!) I’m anxiously waiting for your reply.

      4. There is no such thing as a real cowboy… only a handful of people with small wee wees that can’t get real jobs or play real sports…

        1. That’s funny. Because actually most men in your so called “real sports” couldn’t hack this sport! Even an Olympic Jumper couldn’t barrel race. These men are lean, muddled, fit. Not just 6’5″ and fat lumbering around a field in no real danger. If you want to pick apart a sorry that is truly barbaric and cruel, go after Bull Fighting. Where the matador stabs the bull in the side until he has almost bled out and is so weak her can barely stand. That of course is before it’s brutally killed. That’s inhumane people!

        2. Dear Amanda, Can You tell us what laws govern your so called sport, i would not subject my horse to anything where there were no safety Laws to govern the treatment and handling of my Horse ……..I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW …………………………..THE MENTALITY of someone who loves and cares for his horse like he is family…….would jeopardize him in this way?????????

        3. Actually a lot of rodeo athletes have college degrees and have been successful in business.  That is how they have paid to help support their lifestyle and the sport they choose to pursue. Also most were involved in other sports their entire lives and are exceptional athletes! I know several that played at universities or even higher before pursuing a rodeo career. Please get the true info out if you are going to post something!?

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        4. In real sports the contestants CHOOSE to participate, with rodeos(and bullfighting) animals really don’t have a choice. So no, I wouldn’t call that a sport, just an excuse for them to abuse something that cant really fight back.
          The horses that belongs to the cowboys, sure, they might usually be very well treated outside of the arena, I can agree to that. But the horses, cows and what not that becomes the victims of brutality and fear, them, people don’t really care about. Because if they would, they wouldn’t put them in rodeos in the first place!

          If people really wanna show their “manhood”, go boxing instead. Then its only YOU who gets hurt, and your opponent CHOOSE to go into it as well.
          Im all for preserving the old western, BUT, I see it as ranch work. Were you ride across the fields herding cows, not breaking all kinds of bones, strangling, shocking and scaring these poor animals.

          No, just ban all rodeos(and bullfights), you’ll save a lot of lives!

  5. I am so saddened and at the same time so totally enraged. , Why can we not Stop these inhumane Idiots???????? The ABUSE has to STOP, how can rodeos even be considered by people entertainment ?????????? This is sick and cruel ….There is nothing entertaining about being cruel to a horse or any other living thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There should be a BAN on Rodeos !!!!!!!!!!! All thehy should be FACING Criminal Charges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Can I ask how they are cruel. With the horses and bulls they are just riding them. They use a back strap around the flanks to make the horse and bull buck. Once off the animals they remove the straps IMMEDIATLY.. the strap in no way HURTS the animal. The spurs they wear are dull so those don’t hurt. In steer wrestling they jump off the horse and wrestle the steer to the ground. Then immediately let go. I am not fond of calf roping. Barrel racing and other events for females are in NO way barbaric. Those horses actually enjoy barrel racing and pole bending. Rodeo livestock is feed EXTREMELY well. Better than any horse ive seen at the boarding facilities ive been at in southern cali… The Mexican curros that spear a bull and taunt it then kill it are the CRUEL ones.. Those are no way associated with American rodeos. So im just asking out of curiosity what part of American rodeos do you think are “cruel”

      1. Whoa Addy…..if these horses and bulls are bred and born to buck, as the rodeo numchucks claim, why use a flank strap? It hurts! By god yes it hurts! They don’t buck when it is removed, you answered this yourself. That’s not cruel? Eh??

        Horses in other disciplines will do whatever they are trained to do no matter how infantile which includes barrel racing and the like. They will jump 8 feet if we ask them to. They like this? They also very much enjoy eating sweet feed in quantity, then founder, or develop metabolic disorders, is that ok too? Why not? They love it! Why deny them? Because it will hurt possibly kill them. Why is one ok and not the other?


    2. These people are not inhumane. The people who are inhumane are the people like you. Who don’t have any animal husbandry skills or training. But I’m sure you have dogs and or cats? Have you ever had to take them to a vet for an injury, or because they were sick? Did you purposely hurt them? Or was it an accident? Or how about all the so called do gooders who adopt horses or burros and have not a clue how to care for them properly. So in winter they starve. They’re feet are horrificly long, they’re wormy they’re teeth are so long and mangled they can hardly eat. That’s abuse!

      1. ALSO: “in addition; too; besides; as well”… (ex. Starving horses is inhumane; forcing them into injury and often death at a rodeo is ALSO inhumane.) Yes they are. Yes, also…ALSO people that starve their animals are inhumane…it doesn’t mean these people aren’t ALSO inhumane. How do these animals benefit from what happens to them here, not to mention the bloodthirsty screaming from the “good ‘ole……crowd”? Why do they always gather around them with tarps to hide them from the crowd? Animals do not care about privacy, or, if they do, they are never afforded the courtesy…only when people are trying to hide something from other people do they use the tarps.

        1. They use the tarps as a courtesy of both the crowd (especially women and children which don’t need to see injuries)so that they don’t have to see hideous sight of an injury as well as for its owner so that they aren’t seeing the pain from both the animal and owner. Rodeo started way back when cowboys were on ranches and they were competing to see both the animals abilities as well as the cowboys. It turned into a spectator sport when someone decided that people would pay to watch them do it. In no way is it inhumane to the horses that love doing their job. instead of being left with no real purpose. You can see it in there eyes and how they want to do their job.

    3. horse died from aortic aneurism get it right! He did not hit the fence! Rodeos take very well care of there animals. SHARK is lying to you

      1. Really? So all the videos are somehow made to look like there is a lot of abuse and killing going on at rodeos?? How far up your you know what does your head go???

        1. Actually yes that is exactly what they do. If this SHARK fan was able to get this much video, where is the rest? They capture what they need in order to rally all of you little ignorant lemmings. This country is in the piss poor shape it’s in because of thinking like this. Most of you refuse to look at the other side. To fact find for yourself. I’m truly sorry for your obstinate ignorant ways of life…

    4. You are entitled to your opinion but you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. I rodeod for years and never once was my high priced horses ever hurt or abused. They did their job and were better taken care of then a lot of peoples children. If you don’t like rodeos then don’t go and don’t judge people you know nothing about.

        1. We have to speak out in places like this, because you people know nothing! This organization could tell you the moon is purple and you’d all follow along if it opposed a Republican. Our rights, our voices need to be heard as well. It’s just that there’s more of you radicals than there are of us.

    5. First of all i am no Idiot, I do not put any animals in Harms way, nor do i have a pea brain, nor am I ignorant………… dont even know how to spell inhumane , it would be nice if at leased you learned how to spell before spewing out your attacks on other people !!!!!!!

      1. Maybe you should learn “how to spell”. It’s “at least” not “at leased”. To use your words, ” It would be nice if you at least learned how to spell before spewing your attacks out on other people !!!!!!!”

        PS: Grammar is important too :)

    1. Are you fricking kidding me??? What exactly was cruel about this? The horse died from an aneurism. You yourself could fall over dead from one. It was just a horrible thing that happened. That horse was trained to do this and let me tell you they enjoy doing their job. That horse was probably worth more money then you make in a year and that cowboy is devastated by his loss. I think you people are just ridiculous for your protests on this sport. So do we ban every sport because someone gets hurt??? What about the cowboys and cowgirls who are injured by participating in this sport? They aren’t whining nor bitching like you. They cowboy up and get back on. Your comment just shows how ignorant you really are. The sport of rodeo has been around longer then you have been alive guaranteed. It’s an American tradition and let me tell you from someone who has been around rodeo my whole life, those animals are very well taken care of. Those cowboys and cowgirls LOVE those animals.

  6. OMG will this abuse never end?? Tears watching this, I am outraged, and so so sick people need to stop going to those rodeo’s stand up for what is right and wrong, if ONE animal is KILLED that at is ONE TO MANY…….. That rider should of NEVER left that horse, I always thought horse and rider were ONE, not true here not true at all>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    1. You under educated idiot! It’s called steer wrestling! And jumping off of your horse is how you do it!!!!

    2. Did you see the look on the guy’s face? He probably couldn’t stand to watch it! HE WAS UPSET!!!!!! He just lost his partner… For as much compassion as you all have for animals, it would be nice if for once you all showed an ounce of that for members of your fellow species. I know you love animals, and I admire the gusto that you have towards your cause, but please take the time to get to know some of the people that travel the rodeo road before you judge. If you would do that, you would realize that most of them are fantastic people that take better care of their animals than they do themselves. They spend months on the road with their animals and have a huge bond with them. Have you ever had a family member dying and had to walk away because you have been to upset to watch? I have, and I have done the same as one of my horses was humanely euthanized due to an illness. Point is, everyone handles loss differently, and since you obviously don’t know this man whose horse just died, PLEASE DON’T JUDGE US AND WE WON’T JUDGE YOU.

      1. If you cared enough about your family member or your horse, you would stay with them to the end. ‘Nuff said.

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