Torching at Valley Meat delays opening of horse slaughter plant

Exterior view of the Valley Meat Co slaughter plant in Roswell, NM, through the fence.  Where was the dog when it got torched? ( photo).
Exterior view of the Valley Meat Co slaughter plant in Roswell, NM, through the fence. Where was the dog when it got torched?

Well, no surprise here that Valley Meat is blaming anti-horse slaughter advocates for the torching of its refrigeration unit. We mentioned that just yesterday when commenting on a different post. Did not take them long, did it Barbara?

There are several reports (and numerous opinions) regarding the arson attack the occurred over the weekend on the proposed horse slaughter plant that would return the killing of horses for their meat for human consumption to U.S. soil.

Here are just a few excerpts.

by JERI CLAUSING for the Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — Arsonists set fire to the southeastern New Mexico company that planned to resume domestic horse slaughter next week, the company’s owner said Tuesday.

“They tried to burn the place down,” Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santo said Tuesday in reference to opponents who have been making threats against the company over the past year as it has fought the federal government for permission to convert its cattle operations into a horse slaughterhouse.

Chaves County Sheriff Rob Coon said fire officials were investigating but no official cause had yet been determined for the blaze. He said he remains concerned, however, that there will be trouble at the plant if it begins slaughtering horses.

Attempts by companies like Valley Meat Co. to resume domestic horse slaughter have ignited a divisive and emotional national debate that has resulted in a string of threats against De Los Santos, his family and his business.

“We have had some say, ‘I hope your building burns down,'” De Los Santos said. “That’s not good at all. What are they going to do next? Take a pot shot at us when we are walking in?”

On Saturday, De Los Santos said someone apparently jumped the fence, then poured accelerant over the compressors to his refrigeration unit. A passer-by alerted authorities.

Read more of the story here >>

Then we got this in our inbox. Here’s a few paragraphs.

by PETER YOUNG for the Animal Liberation Front

An arson attack has halted a meat company’s plan to convert a cow slaughterhouse into a horse slaughterhouse. After federal courts shut down the last three horse slaughterhouses, this facility in Roswell, New Mexico was set to open this week, and become the only horse slaughterhouse in the US.

The slaughterhouse was to begin killing horses on Monday. Without a functioning refrigeration unit, the plant is now unable to open.

The arson has not (yet) been claimed by the Animal Liberation Front, or other clandestine group.

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Correction. Federal courts did not shut down the last three horse slaughterhouses. Federal law kept them from re-opening until Congress failed to keep the defunding provision for horse meat inspections in this fiscal year’s Ag budget bill. State laws shut them down. I don’t know where this idea started but it is beginning to show up more and more.

We receive some crazy emails but must say we were startled by this person’s take on the situation, pointing out the statement below and saying, “He did it, he did it”.

In a statement, [former NM Governor Bill] Richardson said he would do “whatever it takes to stop the return of horse slaughterhouses in this country and, in particular, my own state, . . . .”

Goodness me.

It seems clear that it is arson, but carried out by whom? I have my opinion and I am sure you have yours. It would not surprise me if someone connected with Valley Meat turned out to be responsible. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. We will just have to wait and see, but I predict stranger things will be said and written.

12 thoughts on “Torching at Valley Meat delays opening of horse slaughter plant”

  1. Please look at this video in the link below which proves that the GAO report stating that the end of horse slaughter in the US resulted in a glut of neglected horses was fraudulent:


  2. Interesting bit of trivia from Habitat for Horses article on this. It comes from a comment made by “Nohorseslaughter Ortiz”. In it he states: “This Kill House is in the middle of nowhere, save 2 properties housing a Vet & Thoroughbred Farm, both co-owners of the Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird. One is for horse slaughter, one against.” Check out the thoughtful opinion that comprises the post here


  3. Thank you everyone for leaving your comments. If nothing else, these continued incidents show just how sadistic the horse meat market, and what this type of evil and violent thinking leads to … more evil and violence. Yet they are the first ones to cry and say how scared they are and what a bunch of nutters we are.

    One wonders since they had an old fridge they decided to get a new one this way, while all the money is flying around. I think if ALF or someone like them have done this, they would have made a better job of it and there wouldn’t be much left standing, not just burn up some dodgy old refrigeration unit.


  4. I wonder if this Ahole De Los Santos will be forced to hire a security guard? I don’t think a dog sign will help much. I hope the other plants trying to open up will be hit to. Only burn them to the ground.


  5. I went to the ALF site and left a comment. There are the usual nut balls on there too. Alf is the group that was trying to run the fur breeders out of business in the 90’s. It got so bad about the mink being turned loose that the feds actually are now calling anyone that does this anymore terrorists. Of all things. Also the states refused to give anyone the whereabouts of any fur farms to anyone. Now all of the cruel fur farms actually have webpages. I guess they all forgot about ALF. But calling them terrorists was over the top in my opinion. I found out about most of this when I contacted the USDA office here in Washington state looking to buy a baby mink, but they refused to give me any addresses at all. I finally found one breeder but he wouldn’t sell me just one he wanted to sell me a dozen or nothing.


  6. BRAVO !!! to any and all people, organization(s), even vandals for torching this hell hole. Just a taste of what Hell will be like when these horse killers get there. It’s about time, We the People of the United States, started a tough, hard line, hot and loud protest !!!!!!.


  7. hahahaha sucks to be them…I have NO sympathy whatsoever for Valley Meat. I hope that cursed place burns to the ground. I wonder why they only torched the refrigeration unit. They should have done the whole place…


  8. Fire officials have not determined a cause yet. You suppose when they turned on a compressor that hadn’t been run in over a year it may have eventually over heated? These guys aren’t the sharpest when it comes to maintenance.


  9. If VMC is blaming a certain people or group, than someone should bring a law suit against the valley meat co. for Defamation of Character! (Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person)


  10. That last comment about the Former Gov. is absolutely uncalled for, But I have as you have said some awful weird things written by Pro Slaughter opponents I don’t know why it is like they are desperate and all logic is out the window… I thought Valley Meat had a security system in place, camera’s and that DOG where was it or is that a ruse too??? But I do know one thing I am sick to death with this man playing the sympathy card, I honestly don’t have any…. Sad to say but that is how I feel he has asked for all that he has gone through, KNOWING how this Country feels about Horse Slaughter, but he’s just a puppet of Suey’s & Doucy’s…. BIG MISTAKE on his part…


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