Federal Judge postpones bond hearing in horse slaughter case


Lady Liberty (c) Bill Frymire

A federal judge in Albuquerque has postponed until Thursday a bond hearing for the animal rights groups who won a temporary ban on domestic horse slaughter.

The Humane Society of the United States, Front Range Equine Rescue and others on Friday won a temporary restraining order that blocked plans by companies in Roswell, N.M., and Sigourney, Iowa, to start slaughtering horses this week.

But before their lawsuit challenging the Department of Agriculture’s June decision to open the plants can proceed, a bond must be posted to cover the companies’ losses should the animal groups lose.

Blair Dunn, who represents Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, says he will seek at least $10 million.

The hearing was scheduled Monday. But federal Magistrate Robert Scott says he needs more time to hear arguments.

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NM and Iowa killboxes will be empty of horses this Monday; Tuesday’s Horse; 4 Aug 2013

Groups sue over slaughter of horses in the U.S.; Tuesday’s Horse; 3 July 2013

5 thoughts on “Federal Judge postpones bond hearing in horse slaughter case”

  1. This is so crazy we are STILL having to fight for the lives of the innocent. There are real nuts saying on interviews that they put horses to sleep and buried them but had there been the slaughter option they would have had them slaughtered to give purpose to their lives????????????????I didn’t know slaughter ended….Its still been open MEx and Canada. These people are nuts! So please read Forbes Gao report a fraud by Vickery Eckoff! Please read!


  2. I live about 4-5 miles away from a cattle slaughterhouse, and I can tell you first hand about the smell, sometimes it smells like meat being boiled, sometimes it stinks of wet dogs inside the vehicle with you, it is real strong, and just about will turn your stomach, not to mention the awful stench of the trucks when they leave the slaughterhouse, leaving cow manure on the roads, I so not see how DEHC allows this, I guess it is because SC.Upstate is covered by an Ag-Gag Law. NM. really needs to think this over, I do not know of anyone that has ever stated that this place is the” Place in the Upstate to work”


  3. I’m unable to comprehend the push for horse slaughter in this country. We don’t ask India to slaughter their cattle for us because they are a sacred and cherished part of their culture. Okay, most Americans don’t go to the extent of praying to horses but, still, why would it even cross the mind of the American people to bring horse slaughter to our country when the majority of us hold such an act in derision? Sometimes it all comes down to greed. It’s disheartening to know how the love of money can surpass one’s moral values. Unfortunately, nobody is completely immune to it. Even the kindest of people have been diagnosed with this plague. The best way to keep clear of it is to dwell on the fact that we are all accountable for our actions, to always follow our consciences no matter the temptation, and to cultivate love, respect, and appreciation for what our Creator has given us.


  4. “At the International Equine Conference in Alexandria, Virginia in 2011, Bacon described the economic and environmental devastation her town endured because of the operation of the Dallas Crown slaughterhouse there:

    The stench that permeated the town, the waste and blood that clogged the sewers and overran the town’s wastewater treatment plant, the cost to the town in trying to enforce the innumerable violations, the few low wage jobs created,

    the lack of tax revenues, and general poor quality of life. She explained the town could not attract business because of the horse slaughter plant. Bacon said a community would be better off with a “lead smeltering plant or a sexually oriented business than a horse slaughter plant”.


  5. Not about money folks, hope not at all… Just trying to help ALL the horses, so they can round them up to torture them in the slaughter pipeline…. Ignorant, greedy scum of the earth…….


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