Meet Einstein the world’s tiniest foal

From NATURE on PBS via The Daily Mail (

Meet Einstein, the world’s smallest horse who weighs less than a newborn baby

This pint-sized stallion could be a record breaker as the world’s smallest foal.

The three-day old pinto stallion, called Einstein, is just 14 inches high and weighs only an incredible 6lbs.

The diminutive horse was born in Barnstead, New Hampshire, on Friday at Tiz Miniature Horse Farm.

His tiny proportions may be more suitable for a human baby, but they are tiny for a horse, even a miniature breed like Einstein. Dr Rachel Wagner, Einstein’s co-owner, claims the Guinness Book of Records lists the smallest newborn horse as weighing just 9lbs.

Breeders say that unlike the current record holder, Thumbelina, Einstein shows no signs of dwarfism – he is just a tiny horse. Read more >>

4 thoughts on “Meet Einstein the world’s tiniest foal”

  1. I remember my mom’s friend sending an email to us about this a while back. He’s absolutely adorable! :3


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