Way Back: Celebrity quotes about horses

Our original website (www.fund4horses.org) launched October 3, 2003.

We had everything on there, reports, articles, news features, tips on lobbying, you name it, including daily updates called “Hot Tracks”. It was the most highly trafficked website of its kind, and had millions of viewers and unique visitors each year.

Our website grew to over 1,000 pages and people admittedly spent hours on the site, it was so deep. But eventually it started to become too big.

Because of this and technological advances that gave us some new options, we decided to build a basic website and put all the news, or “hot tracks” on a blog. And we called it, as you see here, Tuesday’s Horse (named after our weekly email news blast sent out every Tuesday).

Dr Peabody and Sherman enter the Wayback Machine to visit the fund4horses. Google image; text added by Vivian.
Dr Peabody and Sherman enter the Wayback Machine to visit the fund4horses. Google image; text added by Vivian.

The Fund for Horses website was selected by an internet archival service (Wayback Machine) maintaining old websites for future generations in an online “vault”. They did not keep everything, but they kept a lot.

As I dive in and out of our archives, I come across some amazing material that really deserves fresh attention. Or some we already know, but may have forgotten about. We will be posting special selections of these here on Tuesday’s Horse as a series of “Way Back” articles.

To give you a teaser, how about these celebrity quotes we collected over that time.

“It’s a lie,” said Nelson. “It’s not true. That is not euthanasia. When we take our dogs to get them put down, we’re not taking them to slaughter houses. It’s not euthanasia. It’s blood money.”
“In this new century I think it is horrific and slightly strange to realise that horses, traditionally man’s friend, are still being transported and slaughtered for human consumption in the United States.”
“If their land and freedom were taken away for good, these wild horses would be in real danger of becoming extinct—and we must not let that happen.”
“I believe, as do so many of my fellow Americans, that the wild horse is an irreplaceable national treasure. It would be a tragic mistake to allow this noble creature to disappear from our western landscape.”
“I love the way the world looks on horseback, the way it moves by . . . . You get to experience the sound of your own heartbeat and the sense of silence that is so important to us all.”
“I love their form as well as their function. They are soft, gentle, loving creatures capable of tremendous physical activity. They let you participate in all of that wonder with them.”

That’s it by way of introduction. Tomorrow we will be featuring a research article from 2005 on the captive bolt, the “stunning” device used in slaughterhouses. This information is as relevant today as the time it was researched and written. As an advocate you should have these facts.

5 thoughts on “Way Back: Celebrity quotes about horses”

  1. Vivian, with all the names and organizations listed why is horse slaughter still going on? No matter what is done or said, the US Senate will not pass S.541. I believe the money coming in from the lobbyists is the most important thing to these politicians. Only a handful of them have ever tried to put a stop to slaughter. There are more than enough votes in the House to pass H.R. 1094 but without S. 541 it can’t be sent to Obama’s desk for him to sign. I have been fighting this for 10 years and each year it gets harder.


  2. Shatner has been a horse breeder for years, and I am wondering if he ever sent any of his horses to auctions not realizing what kill buyers do? I have never see anything in print that he ever said about horse slaughter.


      1. It is in my opinion, that there is too much money to be had involving horse slaughter. This will continue until man, can demonstrate, his intergrity, and compassion for our equine. This is a very sad subject for me, I can hardly bare the thought of what these horses go through, it’s a night mare!


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