Horses for courses at Yorkshire festival; edible equine sculpture

Edible Ebor Equine, made from fruit, veg, grain and Yorkshire pud. Photo source: ITV
Edible Ebor Equine, made from fruit, veg, grain and Yorkshire pud. Photo source: ITV

It’s horses for courses today at York racecourse — quite literally.

The hospitality team — along with set designer Bruce Emery and local food campaigner Jennifer Middleton – have created an “Edible Ebor Equine” as part of the Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival, which begins today.

The life-size horse is constructed entirely out of Yorkshire produce, and is accompanied by a Grand Départ bicycle made of Yorkshire rhubarb.

It’s to celebrate the Tour de France, which will start at York Racecourse on Sunday July 6 next year.

Standing nearly six feet high, or 16 hands, the sculptures are made from over 100 Yorkshire Puddings, baked on site, four crates of Wakefield rhubarb, 40 crates of South Yorkshire Savoy cabbage, three sacks of Vale of York carrots, a heaped basket of radishes from near Doncaster, 20 punnets of Stourton Grange strawberries, four crates of mushrooms from Thirsk and two huge sacks of freshly-harvested Wistow wheat and barley.

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NOTE: Hope they can keep the real horses from having a nibble! — Ed.

4 thoughts on “Horses for courses at Yorkshire festival; edible equine sculpture”

  1. Not a fitting sculpture in my opinion, not with what is going on with in the horse world these years. Not in good taste, excuse the pun. The article also stated that they serve meat as well as vegetables. At least it wasn’t a horse meat sculpture.


  2. Thank you Vivian. An amazing feat & work of art. But for me, anything, “sculpture” or not, that appears *edible regarding a horse, is a “No-No” for me. Now I wonder what animal just might benefit eating all these veggies when done with the exhibit. TY


    1. If it weren’t for the Yorkshire pudding (made with ‘dripping’) it would be vegan. Just had to post it. With so much horror, we need a break here and there.


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