Two horses die in same race at Saratoga

Horses racing at Saratoga in 2010. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
Horses racing at Saratoga in 2010. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

The New York Daily News reports:

SARATOGA SPRINGS — At the end of trainer Charlie LoPresti’s barn sits an empty stall.

It was occupied by a healthy 5-year-old gelding named Kris Royal until Sunday. The horse was euthanized after fracturing his left front leg during the running of the ninth race over the turf course. Kris Royal wasn’t the only horse to die in that race.

Seconds before, Sarava’s Dancer suffered the same fate, fracturing his left front leg, leaving two fatally injured horses on the race track.

“It was bad because I ran out there,” LoPresti said. “I ran all the way from the grandstand out there and then you see two horses lying out there hurt. What’s the chances of that? Two different places in the race — one going into the turn and one going out of the turn. I guess the ground is hard and they hit a rough spot in it.”

There’s been hardly any rain at Saratoga this meeting and the New York Racing Association has run 185 races over the two turf courses since the start of the races on July 19. After the races on Sunday, NYRA officials had the turf course watered in an attempt to soften it.

“Look how fast they’re running,” LoPresti said. “They’re not supposed to run that fast. Wise Dan ran that fast and he’s the best horse in the world. These horses are running two weeks later as fast as he is. So it tells you it’s really hard. It’s nobody’s fault.”

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Nobody’s fault. Really?

It is amazing to watch US horse racing die on the vine because of its lack of decency to the horses they use and its arrogance. It is not happening fast enough for us. It is horrible to watch the industry cripple and kill one horse after another.

The way it looks to us as of this writing, the only horse racing that will survive are the Derby races, the Triple Crown, the Breeders Cup, and related prep races.

That leaves the trainers and owners who can afford to cheat with expensive drugs and therapies and know how to trick the weak and pathetic drug testing system US horse racing waste everyone’s time and money with. These “horsemen” (what a bastardization of that word) will dodge the bullet for a time, continue to be feted and sail into horse racing’s Hall of Fame.

Insofar as the breeders, when Great Britain, Europe and other top racing nations snub US horses and refuse to accept them into their stud books they will become isolated in much-deserved shame until they destroy the US Thoroughbred altogether. But there will be no tears shed. They will walk away with their pockets fully lined and absolutely no conscience. It will be nobody’s fault.

13 thoughts on “Two horses die in same race at Saratoga”

  1. This whole world is harsh, exceedingly cruel and unjust for many animals and people. As long as people control other people and animals, they, we are at their mercy. Sometimes it’s one step ahead and one step back but I do believe we are making a difference to some and that should give all of us, who fight for the oppressed, just enough uhmph to continue the fight. Pray and keep praying for all of us and them and keep in sight the ones we have helped so we can have a good night’s sleep and hit it again at day break.


  2. Although I don’t really care for PETA, I think they are the ones who started making a lot of noise when Eight Belles broke down and really brought the racing industry to the light. I believe they helped the TB racing industry.


  3. I live not too far from the Saratoga Race Track and never really warmed up to horse racing. I visited the track this year and was in awe of how beautiful the horses were and started to warm up to the sport. This was absolutely horrific! Now I know why I always thought it was such a curl sport. Absolutely ruined my day today when I read the new is the paper. My condolences to Charlie LoPresti and Wayne Catalango on their loss. These beautiful animals shouldn’t have to die for greed. R.I.P Sarava’s Dancer & Kris Royal I hope you are running in safe green pastures where you are loved for your beauty and not for greed.


  4. How about looking into Quarter horse racing, everyone focuses on the Thoroughbreds. Quarter horse racing has some cheap purses and there’re many more breakdowns than TB racing. None of it can be excused. Saratoga is directly responsible for the track conditions which in turn affects the horse directly. But seriously, people must start looking at the quarter horses and the conditions
    they must endure also.


    1. I agree the mistreatment of horses in Rodeo, Quarter Horse racing and TB racing need to all be overseen by one governing body! In this case there is no question that the turf track was way to dry and caused the problem! Just read what Charlie said, ” The Track was to Dry and hard!!!!!!


  5. Horses have raced in this country since it birth as a nation! It is a a great Sport, but I will agree there are undesirables in this sport as in all sports! The racing industry is being forced to face this issue weather they want to or not. Not only by the fans, but good owners and trainers as well. They know the future of the sport relies on cleaning it up as quick as possible, but as in all things it takes time and it does not come easy. There is nothing more breath taking and beautiful than Thoroughbred racing. There is a reason it is called the sport of Kings! I hope and pray that your forecast of the racing industry is incorrect, for this sport is so much a part of this country like the wild Mustang. It is one of the many that define this Great Nation and without, it will be less. Instead of casting disaster on the sport why don’t you work to help correct it, instead of waiting with bated breath to see it fall? Thoroughbred racing is part of the history of this country and the homelands we came from! I pray that we can save it as well has the Wild Mustang for our country.


    1. We have worked for nearly a decade to clean up horse racing, and we still are. But all we are doing is spinning our wheels. Any baby steps taken by the few in horse racing who actually care about the horses are blocked by these “horsemen” groups.

      They will never clean it up. Not because they don’t know how; because they don’t want to. And it is not just horse racing. Look at drugged, souped up baseball. It’s all about money and ego, and the fear of losing their fortunes and reputations. Interestingly, horse racing started in 1665 so it was introduced (in New York) long before the US became a country.


      1. Well you got the jest of what I was saying! I did not have a history book in front of me while writing my comment! If you are just noticing that everything is about money, you are behind the curve! It has always been about money and power and the freedom to worship what this country was built on. In the last 30 years our government as gotten out of control and that is our fault for not stopping it a long time ago. But all we could think about was ourselves and therefore we reap what we have sown! Sad but True! I like your writing just not the outcome and I feel if people like you continue to persist and demand that it change and continue to get it out to the public it will change because it will be forced to. No matter how wealthy or powerful some of these people are!i am thankful for people like you and many others who are out there trying to make a difference for the horses, they are God’s creatures and it is our responsibility to make sure they are cared for. Keep the Good Fight up and it will pay off no matter how discouraged you get.


    2. I agree with your comment. As a TB owner, I watched my horses like a hawk and still had issues with one trainer. This trainer didn’t like me scratching my maiden filly for a claiming race. My filly was well bred and I was told by other trainers they would claim her just for her breeding. Since I made my money elsewhere, my horses are my beloved souls and had no need to push to win. This trainer ended up sabotaging my filly, she had the vet inject every joint, although I had clearly stated I did not want my filly injected. I found out about this when I pulled her out of this barn and 2 weeks later I got the vet bill for $2900. In addition, when this filly developed gastric ulcers, she was started on Gastrogard and stayed on it for 1.5 months then rotated to ranitidine. My girl colicked and the foreman and groom both told me the trainer had taken her off ranitidine. I was pissed more than one could realize, it caused an uproar with the trainer. I didn’t care, she was abusing my filly. This was at Santa Anita in 2002. Not every trainer is bad, and not every owner is bad, and unfortunately break downs do occur, even in jumpers, cutting dressage etc..


  6. Everytime this kind of horror happens at a Race Track I am so saddened, there is no excuse for this , the horses are athletics just like any sport, they love what they do truly they do, and should be awarded all safety precautions just like any other sport, Rules regulations need to be made specifically for the Horse who is a Thoroughbred…….. Racing houses thousands of horses and they our taken care of and loved by their owners, trainers, grooms etc….. Of course there are exceptions which Racing must address immediately………………… I do attend Horse races , i am excepted into the Barns on site…..of 1 Track…..I do not make bets but i love to watch them doing what they love and were born to do and that is run…….. Many of the horses know when they Win and want to go to the Winners circle and need to be dragged from there if they didnt Win….. But I remain stead fast on having strict Safety for everyone of them !!!!! I pose the question where would these horses go if it wasnt for Racing???????/ I love every horse and want a great life for each and everyone of them……………………. My passion for the Horse runs deep and I cry for them on every level that they are exploded wrongly !!!!!! For this people who do this at a Race Track be GONE !!!!!!!!!!1


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