Horse slaughter transporter Ayache indicted on federal charges

I know you must remember this guy, former Three Angels Farm owner Dorian Ayache. Horses he was responsible for transporting to slaughter were killed in tractor trailer accidents . . . twice. But on the survivors went, driven straight through so rescuers could not intercept them in time and save the horses.

Horses killed in tractor trailer accident transported Three Angels Farm. WSMV-TV.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) — The man behind the Lebanon trucking company shuttered last year by the federal government after two interstate mishaps involving trailers loaded with horses headed to slaughter is in trouble again.

Dorian Ayache has been indicted on a long list of federal charges, including continuing to truck horses to slaughterhouses along the Mexican border even after his trucking company was shut down, and trying to destroy evidence.

Also charged is the owner of a second company, Theresa Vincent, who the government says continued the trucking operation, just under a new name.

Ayache first came to the Channel 4 I-Team’s attention in early 2012 when a load of horses he was hauling to slaughter tipped over on the interstate in Williamson County, killing three horses.

Then, it happened again a few months later, when another load of horses Ayache was sending to the meat packing plant overturned in south Nashville.

Both times, federal regulators cited his rigs and drivers for safety violations, and the U.S. Department of Transportation shut Ayache’s business down.

But as the I-Team reported in August 2012, we found Ayache continuing to operate under a new company name: Teri’s Farm.

Now, both Ayache and Vincent, the owner of Teri’s Farm, have been indicted by a federal grand jury.

Investigators say Ayache continued to truck horses after the D.O.T. ordered him not to and then allegedly erased a series of emails in an attempt to cover it up. Read more >>

9 thoughts on “Horse slaughter transporter Ayache indicted on federal charges”

  1. “Federal charges?”
    The only time these people will do is sitting in front of their tv figuring out how to start the business again. The DOT doesn’t have the jurisdiction to send someone to prison for safety violations.
    A nominal fine is all they will ever see…


  2. Several yrs ago I sold a mare to Terri Vincent. This mare after producing 3 colored registered app colts was apparently sent to slaughter.
    The Aphc in Tn supports horse slaughter.


  3. I live in Nashville and have kept up with this low life piece of dirt sorry excuse of what is suppose to be a human being. What he does is scum of the earth he is a waste of oxygen and I hope he rots in jail .. Animals dont have a voice and they dont have choices like we do. they need to take this poo excuse of a human being and string him up in Mexico or Canada…….


    1. Peggy, wish you’d say what you really think! (And thanks for saying it in much cleaner language than I would use!)

      Let’s pray the indictments become convictions…and that there are teeth in the sentences.


  4. You’d think they would try to keep their reputation as clean as possible, especially due to the fact that horse slaughter is very much frowned upon. But no. Do they not realize that playing dirty only harms their character or are they downright stubborn? This is one of the many reasons why the horse slaughter industry has a bad name, and rightfully so. ANY industry that tries to bypass the law shouldn’t be given the privilege to operate anymore.


  5. I hope it sticks this time; this piece of excrement needs to gotten off the Earth or at the very least, denied sunshine, fresh air and freedom for as long as is legally possible.
    He and his ilk are the very blackest of filth and chief among reasons why horse slaughter is just plain, unvarnished evil – no matter how erudite or high up the food chain proponents may be. It is a lousy, dirty business, filled with lousy, dirty people.
    I hope I haven’t left any doubts as to which side of the fence I stand on. (Insert sun-shiny smile icon here.)


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