Valley Meat horse slaughter water discharge permit hearing set for Oct. 22

A Pet Examiner article reports:

New Mexico Environment Department Logo. Google image.

The State of New Mexico Environment Department on Friday set a public hearing for a water-discharge permit denied a horse slaughter plant, Valley Meat Company, in July.

According to the webpage Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, the hearing will take place on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 9:00 a.m., at the Chaves County Courthouse, 400 N. Virginia, in Roswell.

The hearing will discuss the Discharge Permit Application for Valley Meat Company. Owner, Mr. De Los Santos proposes to renew the Discharge Permit for the discharge of up to 8,000 gallons per day of horse processing waste water from the horse slaughterhouse. Discussed will be the potential of ground water contamination which includes nitrogen compounds.

A July 11 letter from the Environmental Department of New Mexico brings attention to another legal aspect citizens against the permit expressed. Numerous public comments raised concern about De Los Santos “possible misrepresentations of criminal charges.”

“Specifically Section 74-6-5 (E) (4) requires that if an “applicant” has, within the last ten (10) years received a felony charge or one constitution moral turpitude the Department must deny the application.”

In a New York Times article Mr. De Los Santos’ attorney A. Blair Dunn stated the advocacy group erroneously described criminal trespassing as a felony. In December 2011, the first application filled out by Mr. De Los Santos stated “none” in the section about felony convictions. The second application filled out in March 2012 had no notations of any convictions, however the third application was filled out with two convictions; one for criminal trespass in Texas in 1988 and the other for residential burglary there in 1978.

“Court records show that Mr. De Los Santos was arrested by the Amarillo police department on Sept. 11, 1989 — his third U.S.D.A. application reported the incident occurring a year earlier — on suspicion of criminal trespass but charged only with a moving violation and convicted of that offense.

“He was arrested on Aug. 28, 1978, in Dallam County, Tex., charged with residential burglary and convicted…

Mr. Wagman, the lawyer for Front Range, contended that Mr. De Los Santos now has committed a third felony by improperly filling out his first two applications. Under federal law, it is a felony to knowingly falsify, conceal or materially misrepresent facts submitted on a federal application.”

3 thoughts on “Valley Meat horse slaughter water discharge permit hearing set for Oct. 22”

  1. This is informative info and let’s hope that this De Santos character doesn’t have any political clout. The Federal Government in WA DC seems to ignore some laws and the Departments under Jewel just run wild. Hopefully this small town judge in Roswell will act on her own without pressure from those Government Agency’s who act in a irresponsible manner and ignore the laws. This guy De Santos is not going away and I think he is in somebodys pocket from the USDA. Others who desire a Slaughter House have pretty much given up. I understand the one in Iowa, home State of the depictitable Steve King who is at the bottom of this whole mess, has converted their facility to accomodate cattle instead of horses. I am wondering just how long it is goint to take for Congress to get on the same page as the Senate and vote positively for the Safe Act and the other horse and other animal protection proposals that have been sitting on the floor of the Congress for 5 or 6 months. I have never understood why there are so many members in Congress. Seems to create a problem in getting any job done. Most of the Congress Members don’t understand what their job description is and too many don’t care. Why not have a Congress totaling the same number as the Senate where things do get taken care of. Senate totals less than half of what the Congress has as members and the Senate does what they were elected to do, their job! Really need this Horse Slaughter House business to go away for good and take the criminal exporting of our horses with it.


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