Happy Birthday to me and the Fund

Cakes by Emery. Found this at HorseNation.com.
Cakes by Emery. Found this at HorseNation.com.

It’s my birthday Friday, and the Fund’s birthday Monday.

The Fund is officially 10 years old on that day, and I am, well . . . let’s say several times that.

Like to make a gift? We would be so delighted if you would donate $1 for each of our 10 years – or $10.00. Click here to get it started!

Or, if you like, how about joining us. Become a Member.

Membership is still $24.00 a year. That would make my birthday – and the Fund’s – very happy indeed, to have you with us.

Or how about volunteering?

Warning Premarin Contains Horse Urine billboard.
Warning signs about Premarin are being placed in and around medical centers in the US by the Fund for Horses. Source image.


A colleague from the Fund and I did some awareness raising about Premarin and Prempro in and around the hospitals in downtown Louisville recently. We gave nearly all of our 500 informational postcards out, and we were there only for a few hours.

Please, we must remember these horses.

“Pee farming” has downsized in North America, yes, but Pfizer is still making a killing selling these drugs in NA, carrying on the deadly legacy that began decades ago with Wyeth-Ayerst, endangering the lives of women, killing innocent foals; confining mares to a life of abuse until they can no longer become pregnant and “milked” for their estrogen rich urine, then cast aside.

PMU farming is chiefly done now outside NA in other countries, not known for treating animals particularly well. We may no longer be able to help Premarin mares and foals directly because of the distance between us now, but we can make a difference. We can alert doctors to refuse to prescribe these drugs and women to refuse to take them.

Please volunteer. The job is simple. It calls for a little research and preparing mailings. Done in numbers this campaign has already shown an amazingly significant impact.

Email vivian at horsefund.org with your number and a time to call, and either Candace or I will telephone you to discuss.

If you would like to support PremStoppers financially, please use this link. Donations are used for billboards, printed materials, mailings and postage.

If you love interacting on behalf of horses on Facebook, please let me know. We are trying to put together a special event there in October, and we would like some expert assistance.

Thank you so much for helping.


>> March for PMU Horses

>> Downright cruel says breast cancer sufferer about Prempro, Pfizer; by Vivian Grant Farrell; Tuesday’s Horse, 12 Sept 2103

:: View more amazing horse cakes at HorseNation.com >>

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me and the Fund”

  1. Dear Vivian,
    Happy Birthday to you and the Fund, too!!! I wanted to thank you for
    our last talk. You helped to make the over whelming drive to try to help every
    request received easier to manage.
    Keep up the wonderful work.


    1. Dear Sheela. Such kind words. I remember when you started with us, all those years ago. You are one of the most faithful advocates the horses (and other animals too) I know. Thank you for your wonderful and generous support. You have made our birthdays happy indeed!


  2. Congrats Vivian and thank you for sharing your knowledge of equine welfare with others! Doing so helps people to make beter choices for such beautiful animals. You should be proud of yourself! :D


    1. Thank you Jane. And for your gift to the Fund. How extremely kind considering how many hours you toil for us, digging up information and writing those amazing reports. Woot!


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