Third horse slaughter business qualifies for USDA inspections


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Horse Meat on the Hook. Photo Credit: Don Ryan / AP.
Horse meat on hook.

A third business has met all the statutory and regulatory requirements to require USDA to provide inspection services when it begins processing horsemeat for human consumption.

Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys representing USDA have informed the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico that it may want to expand its temporary restraining order against horse slaughter to include Rains Natural Meats in Gallatin, MO.

That restraining order currently only prevents USDA from providing inspection services to Valley Meat in New Mexico and Responsible Transportation in Iowa, the first two businesses to qualify since a five-year ban on spending federal money on horse slaughter inspections ended in 2012.

“When this court entered its temporary restraining order, Rains Natural Meats had not yet met the requirements for a grant of inspection, and thus the temporary restraining order expressly applies only to FSIS’s (Food Safety and Inspection Service’s) inspection of the Valley Meat and Responsible Transportation facilities,” the DOJ attorneys wrote, adding, “But circumstances have changed, and Rains Natural Meats is now eligible and requesting a grant of inspection.”

The government attorneys said that, while they were not waiving any of their earlier objections to federal Judge M. Christina Armijo’s order, they understood that she may want to amend it in light of the new reality.


3 thoughts on “Third horse slaughter business qualifies for USDA inspections”

  1. People the slaughter of horses is not humane no matter where it does not allow consumption of horse meat why allow their slaughter?


  2. USDA is either very stupid or very sneaky. The USDA’s grant was based on sewer system of Gallatin TN (pop. 30,000) instead of sewer system of Gallatin MO (pop. 2,000). Check the legal docs and see for yourself.


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