Banksy makes political statement with “Wild Horses” NY art installation

Banksy "Wild Horses" Street Art installation, Lower East Side, New York City. Image Source: Banksy Website.
Banksy “Wild Horses” Street Art installation, Lower East Side, New York City.

The street artist, who is originally from Bristol, England, revealed an intricate installation Wednesday on Ludlow Street in Manhattan’s lower East Side. Viewers told The News that they were alarmed to hear the accompanying audio, from a 2007 raid in Baghdad.


New York Daily News reports:

MANHATTAN — Things are getting political.

The elusive street artist Banksy has turned from his works of whimsy, instead making a profound commentary on the Iraq War, WikiLeaks and government spying.

As part of his month-long residency, “Better Out Than In,” the Bristol-based tagger debuted an elaborate monochrome work in an empty lot on the lower East Side’s Ludlow St. Hundreds of fans, fellow artists and locals came by to look at the newest work.

An old black car is sprayed over with men holding guns, looking into the air with an eye of doubt.

Three horses are sprayed onto a white truck behind the car, wearing night vision goggles and bucking in terror.

A barrel to the left of the vehicles gives a 1-800 number that, in previous days, led to a faux-museum tour offering glib factoids about the work.

Not this time.

The number links to audio from a classified 39-minute video from the July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrikes that was originally leaked by WikiLeaks in 2010. The strike left up to 18 dead, including a Reuters photographer, as well as wounding two innocent children.

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