Okanagan horse slaughter plant open for business

Horse meat cuts mock up. Bloomberg Business Week image.

Cross-posted from Global News

    “WESTWOLD, CANADA — A canoe resident is organizing [a] protest of horse slaughter at a newly opened plant in Westwold — KML Meat Processors Ltd.

    “An employee of KML Processors tells Global that they have slaughtered between 70 and 80 horses since they opened the plant on August 19th.

    “The horses come from two feed lots in Manitoba and are large, draft horses.

    “The processed meat is sent exclusively to Japan for sale.

    “The plant currently only has a license to slaughter horses, but hopes to obtain a license to process cattle as well.

    “KML is one of only several licensed horse slaughter plants in Canada.

    “The protest is taking place this Saturday, with participants gathering at the Westwold Elementary School.” Go to story and video report >>

According to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, “This plant was once listed under the name Medallion Meats, but that business closed and now KML owns the property and the business.”

KML Meat Processors is the fifth horse slaughtering plant operating in Canada. KML Meat Processors are located at 6478 Kamloops-Vern Hwy, Westwold, BC V0E 3B0.

In other news, the Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort is conducting a peaceful protest at another of Canada’s horse slaughtering plants — Bouvry Exports in Fort McLeod, Alberta, BC — on October 27, 2013, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

For more information and how to join them, please see their Facebook Events page.

For more on Bouvry Exports, please see the Animal Angels’ report, “The Plight of Horses in Bouvry’s Slaughter Pipeline“.

Legislation is pending in Canada’s parliament banning horse slaughter. Find out more about Bill C-322 and what you can do to support it at the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition website.

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