Anti-slaughter groups honor horses


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For Neta Rhyne, the call to action came after repeatedly watching batches of horses trucked past her home in West Texas on their way to be slaughtered in Mexico.

“When the horses pass, they’re within five feet of where I’m standing and I can see them through the rails of the trailers and they’re just packed in there. You can tell they’re scared to death, and I just see it over and over,” she said.

Rhyne didn’t have much luck trying to change the system. So she decided to take a different approach: “celebrating the horse and bringing people awareness and making them want to be involved and make a change,” she said.

The skull of a slaughtered horse at Thundering Hooves in NM. Photo by Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal.
The skull of a slaughtered horse displayed by Animals’ Angels at Thundering Hooves event held at Santa Fe Plaza, NM.

The fruit of those efforts is Thundering Hooves, staged Saturday on the Santa Fe Plaza in conjunction with advocacy group Animals’ Angels.

The intent of Thundering Hooves, organizers said, is to honor horses and their role in New Mexico, as well as bring attention to the issues the creatures currently face, including the threat of slaughter.

Activities kicked off Saturday morning with a horse ride from Fort Marcy to the Plaza, followed by music, discussions, informational booths and art. Drawings of horses by students at Sandia Elementary School in Clovis circled the concrete base of the Plaza obelisk.

Rhyne said she hopes Thundering Hooves can shed light on how wonderful horses are and the problems they face today – “how they’ve been reduced to cents per pound.”

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3 thoughts on “Anti-slaughter groups honor horses”

  1. There are a number of good anti-slaughter responses to the article. We need to keep up responding because the MSM only seems to report on one side – that being the slaughterphiles’ point of view.


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