Oregon: Three more wild horses found fatally shot

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Wild horses do battle in SE Oregon. Image by OregonLive.

PRINEVILLE (AP) — Authorities in central Oregon say three more wild horses have been found fatally shot in an area east of Prineville where three other horses were found dead last weekend.

Crook County Sheriff’s Sgt. Travis Jurgens said deputies who went to the area Friday with law enforcement officers from the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to continue the earlier investigation came upon the additional carcasses.

No details were proved on the latest horses.

The animals were killed in the Ochoco National Forest about 30 miles east of Prineville. Hunters reported finding the first three horses.

Forest Service officers went to the area last Sunday and found two adult horses and an adolescent.

Forest Service Capt. Dan Smith said one of those initial horses was found barely alive with mortal injuries and an officer euthanized it.

In the spring of 2011, six wild horses were fatally shot in the Ochocos. No arrests have been made in that case despite a $4,000 reward.

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The U.S. Forest Service and Crook County Sheriff are investigating. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Capt. Dan Smith, U.S. Forest Service, (541)383-5798; or the Crook County Sheriff’s Office, (541)447-6398.

WE at the Int’l Fund for Horses would like to raise the ante to a $10,000 award leading to the arrest and conviction of these wild horse murderers.

If you can help with a donation, any amount, we appreciate it.

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7 thoughts on “Oregon: Three more wild horses found fatally shot”

  1. I believe that the motivation for this act was driven either three things: lust for attention, love of violence, or both. Whatever the case, this is a pleasure derived sickness. If he is willing to go this low to do this, what stops him from carrying out the same type of abuse on any other animal, be it a cow, a dog, or even a human? After all, many serial killers start out as animal abusers. He NEEDS to be brought to justice before he does it again.


  2. I certainy hope their able to find the murderers, who took the lives of these innocent horses. So very sad and senseless! Sad for the loss of lives, but also very sad for the “so-called humans that have so much hatred in their hearts for these innocent and beautiful creatures, they have to resort to such cruelty.


  3. Hay REPORTER the “officer” is not a Veterinarian, so he didn’t “euthanize” the barely alive adolescent horse HE SHOT IT DEAD, and finished the job of the people who have self appointed themselves the new HACKERS.


    1. So you would rather it had suffered until a vet could get to it. And, actually, a bullet is quicker than a shot.


  4. Seems to me these areas need to be Policed regularly, no arrests doesnt say much for the Police dept !!!!! Instead of installing cameras at stop lights they should be out finding Murderers !!!!!! Just saying !!!!!!!


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