Results tallied in walking horse bill survey

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Exaggerated gait of Tennessee Walker gotten through the abusive practices of horse soring.
Exaggerated gait of Tennessee Walker gotten through the abusive practices of horse soring.

The backer of a mail-in survey on a bill that would end tall, padded shoes and ankle chains on Tennessee Walking Horses said she’s pleased with the results.

Cookeville, Tenn., walking horse trainer Pat Stout said in a news release that, of 1,795 members of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association members who responded, 63 percent support the bill, with 26 percent of the association voting. The results were tallied last week.

“This remarkable turnout shows just how important this issue is to people across America and the world,” she said in the release.

Stout supports the bill, introduced earlier this year.

The association’s president, Loyd Black, issued a statement before the votes were tallied saying the group wasn’t behind the poll, and it will investigate Stout’s actions in sending it out. Stout is the association’s vice president for horse shows.

The bill, HR 1518/S 1406, bans equipment used by the breed’s performance division and strengthens penalties for soring — intentionally injuring walking horses to encourage their naturally higher, longer gait.

Jeffrey Howard, spokesman for the Performance Show Horse Association, on Wednesday cited a memo from opinion research firm Purple Strategies questioning the validity of Stout’s poll, which was done by return postcard. Read full report >>


Walking horse leader’s poll on anti-soaring sparks uproar; Tuesday’s Horse; 29 Sept 2013.

4 thoughts on “Results tallied in walking horse bill survey”

  1. It shows to that the association is only interested in the money they can make. None of them ever cared one thing about the horses. These crooks would question any poll that didn’t agree with them. I hope laws are passed that would be a automatic felony for anyone caught soring a horse. Once that’s done and enforced a lot of the cruelty will stop. There has to be enforcement.


  2. It shouldn’t matter whether the association is in favor or not, or whether the owners and trainers are in favor or not. This is a cruel and painful practice that must be stopped.


  3. Thank you for this hopeful news, one step at a time for the horses. I must add that I find it unbelievable that ankle chains and tall padded shoes for the purpose of causing pain to “enhance” performance in Tennessee Walkers are seen as anything short of torture chamber devices that must be revealed for what they are.


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