BLM solicits sterilization of wild horses

Wild Horse family poses in desert. Photo credit: Carolyn E. Wright.
Wild Horse Family

Cross-posted from Straight from the Horses’ Heart

The BLM, with Dean Bolstad as the Program Office Point of Contact (POC), continues to waste tax dollars on experimentation on wild horses & burros, which is a clear violation of the Wild Free Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971. The BLM is NOT protecting wild horses when it uses them for experimentation (under the guise of “research”).

This is going to be done ON THE RANGE. They will trap the wild horses & burros and do the experimentation IN THE FIELD. The BLM is creating NON-REPRODUCING HERDS, which leads to EXTINCTION. Most wild horse & burro herds are ALREADY NON-VIABLE.

The BLM has been gelding for a long time. They already have the methods. They already have chemical and surgical ways to sterilize/use contraception.

The BLM is doing this experimentation while they continue ongoing bait-trapping and helicopter roundups, without accountability or public access.

The BLM is using the word “RESEARCH” as a coverup. Notice the solicitation below is open-ended (there are no time or number limitations). So how many wild horses and burros, and what herds, will be subjected as part of this experimentation? It could be all of them. Read more >>

9 thoughts on “BLM solicits sterilization of wild horses”

  1. If each of us, within our ability to house horses and our financial abilities, could adopt a Mustang or wild horse, then perhaps a significant number of these horses could be saved. They would at least be alive; but unfortunately, not on the open range, which is where God put them and wants them to remain. I plan to do just that: I will find and adopt a Mustang as soon as possible!


  2. I left the same message on the R.T. Fitch site. This is guess work on my part but I believe that the the powers that be in DC have told the BLM they will not continue to fund the feed bills for the Mustangs in holding or the Ranch’s that board them. They want the horse herds, the few that are left, to be all non-reproducing. Eventually they will die off from old age, weather related deaths or disease. The BLM will no doubt keep sneaking them to slaughter especially from the boarding ranches. The slaughter plants pay no attention to brands so the BLM branded horses will be slaughtered just like the rest of them. People have seen horses with the freeze brand of the BLM at slaughter plants. Please remember we no longer live in a free country.


  3. What the HECK happened to the “rule of law”? This is a perfect example of corruption within our government. It seems as if the BLM gives commerce dominion over ethics. Am I mistaken? If not, this mindset is a growing plague and something has to be done about it.


  4. Please, dont say their is nothing that can be done, although , it sure does look like it…… They have been terrorizing the Mustangs for years, their has got to be a way to stop it !!!!!!


  5. BLM is a plague in this country and part of the corruption that is killing for the sake of grazing rights on public lands, oil drilling and anything else they can make a profit on, Until the people start speaking up and stop turning their backs at what is going on, this is never going to end. They are like giant leaches sucking up anything that stands in their way and using every excuse and lie to justify when they are caught. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, stop being the sheeple and stand up for what is right !


  6. Whether experimentation is illegal or not it has been done and they are going to do more of it. Reading this report by Debbie just breaks my heart. Actually, a so called ‘Vet” sterilized 30 mares a few years ago at Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, NV. Thirty of them were found dead because he just cut them on a front-end loader and there was no followup. The Sheldon wild horses are not protected, so USFWS can do whatever they want. The BLM wants to sterilize the White Mountain wild horses of Wyoming. From what I’ve read, these horses can’t really be found there are so few on a vast area. This just breaks me up. What can we do?


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