Horse slaughter plants in US gear up to open with expiration of Order

Slaughter tools. Google image.
Slaughter tools. Google image.


The temporary order barring a return to domestic horse slaughter expired the night of October 31, 2013.

According to an attorney representing plants in New Mexico and Missouri they are making the necessary preparations to open, one stating they will be ready as early as Monday to begin killing horses.

Attorney General Gary King of New Mexico has expressed his disappointment that by this action, the Judge is allowing domestic horse slaughter plants to start up operations without being required to fulfill NEPA requirements.

The groups suing the Department of Agriculture over its permitting procedures are seeking an extension of the restraining order.


King is also considering filing an Appeal, and asking horse lovers to comment on his Facebook page letting him know what this means not only to the people of New Mexico but also to the people of the US.

Go to Attorney Gary King’s Facebook page.

An important question is this. The United States does not have an agreement in place to export horse meat, so who do the domestic horse slaughter plants plan to sell the meat to without breaking the law?


Court temporarily blocks Missouri horse slaughter plant; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept. 22, 2013.

Third horse slaughter business qualifies for USDA inspections; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept. 19, 2013.

5 thoughts on “Horse slaughter plants in US gear up to open with expiration of Order”

  1. Did the Judge,the USDA,NEPA,not read all the enviromnetal issue that where present when horse slaughter was allowed in the U.S. ?
    Do they not think that the same issues and more will appear again?
    It is not like this has never been done before and all kinds of documentation to show the hazards of it.


  2. This has been quite troubling for me emotionally, especially the one in New Mexico. I read something about NM being one of the worst states for animal welfare and/or rights. With horse slaughter being inhumane in itself, I can only imagine how they might manage their horses.

    Also, let’s “imagine” that horse slaughter is a necessary evil. Why do I notice a lack of effort to make it more humane? Trust me, I do not condone of processing horses for meat, but, if it has to be done, why in heck do some individuals treat horses like meat until they are butchered? Doesn’t such callous treatment bother any of their consciences?


  3. Horses are used for sport & pets in ther U.S.A.they were never meant to be in the food chain to be shipped overseas for the rich!It is inmoral and inhumane and these poor animals suffer in the process of being killed,it is all about making money off the innocent!


  4. There are many people & groups on this for a stay, an appeal: Gov. & Atty. General of New Mexico, HSUS… I pray, pray there is another halt to opening horse slaughter hell-holes. Once open, it will take big time efforts to close. Then how many more will open in the U.S. beside the 3 that are supposedly ready to go (by illegal means). The multi-faction groups working to close the last slaughterhouse, Cavel, Illinois, 2007, is still very fresh in my mind. What was with this judge? Bought off too $$?! Thank you, Vivian.


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