Efforts to block horse slaughter in the US will continue

November 1, 2013

HSUS Logo. Google image.

A federal judge in the court case regarding horse slaughter in the U.S. has reversed course from her initial ruling and cleared the way for U.S. Department of Agriculture inspections of horse slaughter plants in several states.

The Humane Society of the United States will not only appeal the decision, but also work with the states to block the plants from opening in Iowa, Mo., and N.M. and step up its efforts in Congress to stop the slaughter of American horses—the states and also in Canada and Mexico.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS, said:

“Our legislative and legal activities have prevented horse slaughtering on American soil since 2007. With today’s court ruling and the very real prospect of plants resuming barbaric killing of horses for their meat in the states, we expect the American public to recognize the urgency of the situation and to demand that Congress take action. Court fights and state legislative battles have been important, but this is an issue of national importance and scale, and Congress should have an up-or-down vote on the subject.”



  • “Missouri horse slaughter plant set to open”; KRCG, CBS Channel 13, St Louis; November 4, 2013.
    • ST. LOUIS (AP) — A northwest Missouri horse slaughter plant is preparing to open for business Monday as a legal battle that stretches across the country continues to unfold. Read full report >>
  • “Ex-NM Governor vows to halt horse slaughter”; by Gary Strauss; USA Today; November 3, 2013.
    • Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson vowed Saturday to fight a federal ruling that will allow U.S. horse slaughterhouses to operate for the first time since 2007. Read full report >>

    5 thoughts on “Efforts to block horse slaughter in the US will continue”

    1. I Pray that the HSUS is not what I think they are , i have no faith in them since Wayne Pacelle sold out Ohio farm Animals up the creek a few years ago………… I am hoping he proves me to be wrong about him !!!!!!!1


      1. I’m a bit wary of animal rights organizations myself. (HSUS and PETA are animal rights organizations. Animal rights and animal welfare are different. More information about welfare VS rights can be found here: http://homepages.sover.net/~lsudlow/ARvsAW.htm) I’ve read and heard about some of these associations having their fair share of hypocrisies, but I have never doubted that there are good people within every group, and that goes for them as well. However, I try to get several opinions on a subject.

        For example, I do NOT condone horse slaughter by any stretch, but I evaluated the views of both anti-slaughter and pro-slaughter individuals and groups. Even so, the thought of the pain and suffering these horses go through is heart-wrenching. As long as such brutality persists, my conscience will NOT allow me to support horse slaughter in any way, shape, or form; yet alone, express feelings of neutrality towards it.

        By the way, what was that incident involving Pacelle that you were writing about? I’d like to know. :)


        1. PETA is indeed a radical animal rights organization. The HSUS however is NOT. If not for them, we would have had horse slaughter this entire time – they were very instrumentall in getting the plants shut down in the first place. They are the ONLY lobbyist for horses in DC.

          I’d like to know what you were referring to as well, arleneorlando. If you mean the oft repeated misquote about letting “all domestic animals go extinct,” you need to know how this “quote” is not only something he did not say, it was something he did not mean.

          The discussion was about “legacy” cattle breeds – that is, old breeds that are not being bred any more. The question was should these breeds be protected under the Endangered Species Act. Pacelle said he didn’t think “man made” breeds should fall under the Endangered Species Act, and he said he would not mind is all man made domestic animal breeds went extinct. Quite a difference in that and “all domestic animal go extinct,” right?

          I don’t agree with everything they do – I don’t expect to. But they ARE helping the anti-horse slaughter movement in a BIG way. PETA just makes things worse because they are so unreasonable and out of touch with most people.


          1. I see. PETA is far too radical for most people to take seriously. The HSUS is an animal rights organization from what I’ve read and heard, and they also have some history of hypocrisy, but I have yet to hear about any organization that hasn’t. At least some of their members are open to compromise on certain subjects. That’s probably why both animal rights and animal welfare groups will work together to stop or support a bill, campaign, or whatnot. We may not always agree on everything, but what matters is that each of us try to find common ground and address issues that are of great concern. Thank you for your input. :)


          2. Dear Suzanne, what i am referring to is back a few years , concerned citizens here in Cleveland , joined together to stop and get on the ballot in Ohio better Laws for mistreated farm Animals, we had many meetings , and were sent out in droves to malls , parking lots etc, to get the needed amount of signatures to get this on the ballot If I remember correctly it was 64,000 signatures we worked diligently to get these signatures , enter Wayne Pacelle , who talked to the Governor of Ohio on a conference call with many of us listening in, he made deals with the Governor which turned out bogus in many ways one of them was to not have any more birthing crates , the deal he made was after the crates fall apart they could not be used anymore ,(should mention they last approx . 17 years) so what good for the Farm Animals was that???? We worked hard and diligently to get all those signatures so Ohioans could vote on these many things to help Ohio Farm Animals plight ……… FOR WHAT they got little to nothing !!!!!!! We were shattered and mislead that Wayne was going to make everything better for Ohio farm Animals !!!!!


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