Travel Channel featuring Missing Mustangs segment


Travel Channel – America Declassified – Sunday 11-10-13 @ 10pm EST

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Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Dave Philipps speaks with Sally Summers to find out what is behind the American West’s diminishing population of wild mustangs.

Why is the federal government now spending millions to round up these American treasures and put them into captivity? And are some of them ending up in Mexican slaughterhouses?

Dave witnesses a Bureau of Land Management-sanctioned “gathering” of the free, wild mustangs. Is the government trying to appease local ranchers who want the land for their own use, or are the horses truly unable to survive on their own in the drought-ravaged desert?



Thanks to a comment to this post, I realized I made a dreadful mistake! For some reason I get Sally Spencer mixed up with Sally Summers

Sally Spencer (not Summers) works for the BLM, and how. Spencer (not Summers) does not just drink the BLM Kool-Aid, she may have come up with the original recipe. We have been told by various organizations throughout the years that Spencer (not Summers) barters deals that send wild horses directly to slaughter. No proof of course; just talk.

So the comments I made above are not related at all to this post, but I have left it in so you can see the full correction. Apologies to Sally Summers (not Spencer).

Dave Philipps you will most likely recognize. Philipps is the one who exposed former Interior Department head Salazar’s old ranch hand selling wild horses to slaughter. There are links below that follow that trail should be a new visitor, or just want to catch up before Sunday.

Young Prior Mountain Mustang. Photo: The Cloud Foundation.


Dave Philipps

Wild horse buyer goes uncharged due to state oversight; Apr. 11, 2013

Lawmakers press for answers on sale of wild horses; Jan. 31, 2013

DA opens investigation into Davis’ sale of wild horses to slaughter; Nov. 17, 2012

Salazar interview with Philipps re sale of wild horses to slaughter (video); Nov. 14, 2012

Salazar threatens to “punch out” reporter”; Nov. 12, 2012

The Philipps article that started it all.

Are BLM selling wild horses directly to slaughterhouse dealers; Sep. 30, 2012


7 thoughts on “Travel Channel featuring Missing Mustangs segment”

  1. Not rumors … this is happening. The latest episode being the shipment of wild ones from the Sheldon Range to a known auction and man who deals with killer buyers. These horses have been studied through a generational connection back to WWI and General Pershing’s war horses. They were “sold” using a ton of tax-payer dollars and are being scuttled out of that place as fast as they can be trucked. Latest story was that some were going to be used as rodeo bucking horses; and others, God only knows! Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) and a Senate committee may finally be paying attention! These stories are on the Internet. The auction and man in charge in Mississippi has never provided required paperwork to show where other BLM horses were sent; and, it is law that they NOT be sent to slaughter. Why is our government spending OUR money to sell OUR wild horses to anyone? And the Sally Spencer stories were true, by her own admission, in at least one instance … a shipment of wild ones from a northern BLM holding pen to Canada. — The S.A.F.E. Act MUST be passed by Congress; and, someone in authority must understand the terrible problem our wild horses face. The people who wish to open or reopen horse slaughter plants in the U.S. are licking their chops, because they KNOW laws will be broken again as our government “looks the other way” while BLM, USFS and FWS conspire to get rid of all of the imprisoned wild horses held in the BLM concentration camps. Killing thousands of horses will not cure the total mismanagement of BLM, despite the proper equine science provided them over the years for management and means of herd reduction. Instead, they conjured up some of their own which actually INCREASED herd sizes. There was no need for roundups, the forage was there; and, the National Academy of Science (NAS) report showed that the ratio of horses-to-livestock on public/private range was NOT observed. instead, it was ignored in favor of grazing PERMITS by our own federal agencies. Yet, the 1971 law states that wild horses were to be maintained and protected by these agencies. Since when does a PERMIT trump a LAW? Get busy and contact your Senators and Representatives in Congress. They are not listening to us, the citizens of this country who elected them and who pay them! This cannot continue to happen … but it will, if we do not prevail.


  2. It’s no mistake that they are trying to get rid of the mustangs… the bigger coverup has been covering up all the proof of horses always being in North America, hence if they have always been here they would have the same protection as Spotted Owl’s, Wolves, Elk etc… but look at what they are doing to the wolves lately… the fix is in…


  3. I’m putting this on the calendar to watch. thanks for posting this.
    Peace to all the mustangs and horses in the world. Oh, let’s not forget the burros.


  4. OMG! I HAVE to watch it!!! I’ve accidentally missed a number of good horse programs but I’m not about to miss this one. Thank you so much for posting this Vivian. It’s time for me to mark my calender and set my alarm on my phone! :D


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