Princess Anne remarks that horses should be eaten, even at home

I hate to say it, but I will . . . I told you so about Princess Anne and horse meat. She is in favor of slaughtering horses, believes Britain needs more of it and now adds that Brits should develop a taste for horse meat.

Princess Anne gives a friendly pat to a horse, but is she really trying to size you how much on the hoof he may be worth for his meat? World Horse Welfare photo.
Princess Anne gives a friendly pat to a horse, but is she really trying to size you how much on the hoof he may be worth for his meat?

Check this out.

    (CNN) — Princess Anne’s suggestion that Britons need to reconsider their reluctance to eat horse meat was “brave” and reflects a sad decline in horses’ value, the head of a horse welfare charity says.

    Addressing the World Horse Welfare conference Thursday, Princess Anne — Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter and the organization’s president — suggested that making horse meat more valuable might lead to better treatment of the animals.

    The Olympic equestrian referred to the transport of horses from countries such as Poland, the source of some horse meat, saying many horses left looking “absolutely wonderful” but suffered in transit.

    “It’s worth noting transport of horses itself is the problem — not the horses or indeed the way they were brought up,” she said.

    “If that’s true then and they value their horses — they look after them well because they’re in the horse meat trade — and it’s the transport that’s the problem, should we be considering a real market for horse meat, and would that reduce the number of welfare cases?”

    The princess suggested that “our attitudes to the horse meat trade … and the value of horse meat might have to change.”

    “I chuck that out for what it’s worth because I think it needs a debate,” she said.

    She noted that Britain’s attitude to horse meat was not universal. “As I was reminded, not so long ago, by somebody who’d traveled in France, the most expensive piece of meat in the local butcher was a fillet of horse meat,” she said.

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I admit I was smirking when I read the quotes attributed to World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers who looked to me as if he were trying to backpedal the Princess Royal’s statements supporting horse slaughter.

World Horse Welfare — the International League for the Protection of Horses in their previous incarnation — works to make the road to slaughter better, but don’t seem interested in protecting horses from the act of slaughter.

Wyeth had to go to England to get a so-called horse protection group to say that what they did with pregnant mares and their foals in order to produce Premarin was not abusive. That group was, you guessed it. The International League for Protection for Horses, now called World Horse Welfare. I wouldn’t want to be a horse in a world where they are in charge of my welfare.

And what about the ideas here attributed to Princess Anne in the Huffington Post?

    The queen’s daughter, a former British Olympic equestrian competitor, says creating a market for horse meat may improve the welfare of horses because owners would take better care of them if they had more value at the end of their lives.

So horses are not worthy of good care if you can’t get something more out of them, even when they die? And you make this statement at a world horse welfare group you head up?

You should be ashamed ma’am.

And I have a very strong feeling this is not going to be very good for British trade and tourism.

13 thoughts on “Princess Anne remarks that horses should be eaten, even at home”

  1. The Princess should behave herself and leave the horses alone. The intelligence of a horse is far greater than hers.


  2. Yes, unfortunately the people during WWII ate horsemeat because there was nothing else. A lady told me she and her family ate nothing but some onions and tea for about a month at that time. Europeans don’t eat horse meat unless they are very poor. The Princess and her brother, Prince Charles who said eating grey squirrels is good because doing so saves red squirrels, have proven to be slightly daft. Hopefully, the Brits will catch on to how horrible this is for equines.


  3. Im am sorry to say that the Princess disgusts me, what in the heck is wrong with her thinking ,????????? or is she really thinking????? Compassion is a awesome attribute Princess…………………………… You should try it sometime !!!!!!!!


  4. To her credit, at least she agrees that the transportation of horses to slaughter needs to be addressed. However, it seems as if she fails to realize WHY horse slaughter is inhumane. I agree, the transportation of the horses is a real problem, but the SLAUGHTER of the horses is a serious one. The same exact methods used for stunning and killing cattle are applied to horses as well. a horse’s brain lies further back in the skull than that of a bovine. I’ve seen my fair share of horse slaughter videos and they prove, time and time again, that such methods are often ineffective at rendering horses unconscious and painless. Also, as aspireequestrian said, just how would the consumption of horses improve their welfare? After all, we eat poultry, pork, and beef, but factory farms still persist.


  5. The British royals are a bunch of real dummies and this just goes to show how dumb they really are. How can anyone equate humane treatment of horses with slaughtering horses??? Yeah, Anne, old girl, we all know horses leaving home on transports start out looking good. It’s what happens- all of it- over the next week or so that really sucks. Maybe eating contaminated horse meat is what has caused the loss of IQ in the royal princess.


    1. The Brits were eating horse meat in foodstuffs labeled beef and lamb. They were horrified, and it became a major scandal. Now she wants them to acquire a taste for it so horses can be dumped in slaughterhouses or shipped outside the country and killed for their meat. Hopefully the British are appalled by her and her idea of welfare for horses.


  6. I think putting anything on facebook is a waste of time. Going to blog pages like this one, RT Fitch and numerous others will keep everyone informed as to what is really going on. The people running facebook seem to think they can do as they please about what you put on your page. Even going so far as to remove photos, shift everything around to the point that you don’t even recognize your site.


  7. This is one of the organizations that I canceled their news letter last year after I finally got a email back telling me that they approved of horse slaughter. I had sent them at least 4 emails asking them why they didn’t also work against horse slaughter. Some rescue this is, all of so-called rescues may feel the same way, they just avoid mentioning it because of scaring off donations. No wonder it can’t be stopped in the EU. The UK ate horse meat during WW2 and then when things got better they went back to beef as far as I can find out. But that’s no excuse for what this woman said. And she really feels like that too.


  8. Had a problem with word press, they keep having me reset a password. Hope it works this time. What I had said was I did post this article on Face Book last week when it first hit the news. FB immediately deleted it and warned me not to post offensive things on Face Book. I quess they didn’t like the comment I made on the so called Royal Family and the ridiculous statements made by Princess Anne. I agree with Barbara Warner, we can’t really tell it like it is as we are being watched as the ex-director of NSA stated recently. I had posted a summary of what was shown on the Travel Channel Sunday evening a week ago about the disappearing Mustangs and what was going on with the BLM. Face Book delelect that one as well inside of 2 minutes of it being posted. Seems we all have more of a battle going on than just trying to inform the public of what is happening to our horses and all our animals.


  9. I can’t put my comments in print. She is really stupid though and has no compassion. Limiting breeding would make the value of horses go up. Just simple logic of supply and demand.


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