Horse urine a profitable industry in China (video report)



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Duavee, Premarin, Prempro contains horse urine billboard sample. Int'l Fund for Horses.
Duavee, Premarin, Prempro contains horse urine billboard sample. Int’l Fund for Horses.

5 thoughts on “Horse urine a profitable industry in China (video report)”

  1. It looks like China has stolen another idea from the good ol US of A. When the Chinese found out all the money they could make off of horse pee they jumped for it. They sure were not going to be hired to take care of horses and then let the actual owners of the US business make all of the profit. They are very good copycats as many US business owners that have had their products manufactured in China have found out the way. So it looks like one of the big Pharma Corp just lost all of the customers in China that they thought they might have.


  2. The comment ” there is an industry for almost everything” This is Tragic Abuse for Pregnant Horses! They can’t move they are standing still and machines connected to their urinebladder….
    I wish your comment had some of compassion to it. I am very sad. This is a billion dollar industry as we have to stop NOW. Horsemilk …so where is the milk to the foals…..and where is the foals NOT with theire mom that’s for sure. This is raw brutal Horseabuse.


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