Cowtown Rodeo tests New Jersey anti horse slaughter law

SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) PRESS RELEASE

Cowtown Rodeo sign, New Jersey. Google Image.
Cowtown Rodeo sign, New Jersey. Google Image.

The thought of horses being eaten as food is so repugnant that New Jersey recently passed legislation to make it illegal to sell horses for human consumption.

On Monday, November 11, 2013, the Cowtown Rodeo, located in Pilesgrove, NJ, was found to have sent nine of their horses to the New Holland horse auction in New Holland, PA.

It has been confirmed by a witness on-site that those nine horses were purchased by a man named Bruce Rotz, who purchases horses for human consumption for the Richelieu Slaughter Plant located in Quebec, Canada.

Cowtown confirmed that the horses were sent to auction in the following Facebook post, which was soon deleted:

“New Holland has a notorious reputation for being a conduit for the horse slaughter industry,” states Steve Hindi, President of SHARK.

“Cowtown admitted that they sent nine horses to auction and that they could not ‘control the outcome of a public auction.’ That means they knew there was a very real chance their rodeo horses could wind up being slaughtered for human food. Because of that, we believe that they violated NJ’s anti-horse slaughter law.”

SHARK is sending a letter to the NJ Department of Agriculture asking for an investigation of Cowtown for violating the horse slaughter law.

“Either Cowtown is guilty because they knew that their horses could very well be sent to slaughter, or the law is meaningless, as NJ’s horses can simply be shipped to Pennsylvania and sold for slaughter there,” states Hindi.

“This issue also exposes how little rodeos care for their horses. While they claim their animals are like “family,” the reality is if the horses are ‘unproductive’ they will be auctioned off, possibly for slaughter. That’s how horrendously rodeos treat their animals.”

8 thoughts on “Cowtown Rodeo tests New Jersey anti horse slaughter law”

  1. This is the problem when a Law is passed it needs to be enforce , make this an example of and a test , Enforce this Law You Made New Jersey !!!!!!!


  2. Urge your elected officials to pass the S.A.F.E. Act. It will ban horses from being shipped across our borders for the purpose of slaughter. And boycott Cowtown! Let them know why.


  3. As a human being, it honestly shames me to know how low some people will go in order to make a few bucks; putting animals and people at risk while sometimes even bypassing the law. It also flips me off how they then try to spin such unethical behavior by stating that humans have dominion over animals and how we’re at the top of the food chain. True, but there’s something that we have as a species; well, at least we are supposed to have one: it’s a conscience! It doesn’t take a bachelor’s degree to know that we do. When will they wake up?! *double facepalm*


  4. I personally will Boycott Cowtown, including their flea market and any respectable horse lovers should do the same. These horses made money for this rodeo for years and the they were sent to New Holland where many horses are purchased by kill buyers. Rotz who purchased the Cowtown horses ships to Canada and Mexico where barbaric slaughter methods are the norm. Shame on you Cowtown.


  5. No matter how many laws we pass in the United States none will ever govern international law. It’s been a long hard fight for us to stop wild horses from this road but the law is simple; United States does not slaughter for human consumption…. Unless you can prove a kill buyer is a registered agent in a foreign country as a kill buyer doesn’t make it illegal until that persons does the same in the United States then several laws can be used to arrest and emprison same. Just like drugs in Central America not anything United States can lawfully stop until same enters our country then arrest. Point is US Laws never will dictate world evolution as many think the UN can dictate US Laws. To stop the legal act of selling horses to kill buyers you need to prove the act of knowingly with intent beyond a reasonably doubt.


  6. This does not surprise me at all. From what Shark has uncovered at the rodeos in different states their people have attended its all the same. Animals are crippled, killed all for the crowd to see and get a kick out of. There is also a law in Calif that states that no horses are to be sold for slaughter at auctions but there is no one to enforce said law. So whats the use of a law like this when it has no teeth? NJ is the same thing It might have been passed just to get on the good side of voters knowing that there was no funding for any one to enforce it.


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