Child gives Christmas money to Thoroughbred charity

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Ellah jogs show horse Silver Lining. Photo by Emily Fisher.
Ellah jogs show horse Silver Lining. Photo by Emily Fisher.

The night before Christmas, 10-year-old Ellah Dubeau-Kielty wasn’t thinking of gifts from Santa.

Not this year.

Instead she was consumed with thoughts for the sweet T’breds residing at Mindy Lovell’s Ontario rescue, and she worried about whether they’d have enough hay and grain to make it through the darkest months of winter.

Ellah had learned from her equestrian mentor Marilyn Lee, a well-known Thoroughbred trainer and advocate, that Lovell was fundraising for hay and feed, and the child leapt to help out, eschewing all thoughts of gifts as she set about fundraising for the horses.

Lee had announced to all her students, including Ellah, that Lovell’s Thoroughbred charity needed help this winter, and was preparing a fundraiser the equestrians could participate in, and the young girl instantly answered the call. Read more >>

2 thoughts on “Child gives Christmas money to Thoroughbred charity”

  1. Way to go young lady, once you have that special love for horses or any animal it will stay with you the rest of your life…..Once you have a kind and generous heart that to stays with you!….Never give up what you believe in because God knows your heart and that you are a child of his …….Thank you for helping those beautiful creatures that don’t have a voice….God bless you my little friend you are heading in the right direction with a big and loving heart.


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