Two dozen captured wild horses find refuge at Horse Spirit Ranch

Wild Horse Family. Photo Credit: Capitol Report New Mexico.
Photo Credit: Capitol Report New Mexico.

U-T San Diego reports:


BONSALL — A Southern California animal rights group says it has rescued nearly two dozen wild horses captured in New Mexico and the animals are now being sheltered at a Bonsall ranch.

Most of the horses arrived Saturday, after being caught by state wildlife officials weeks ago in northwestern New Mexico just outside the Navajo Indian reservation.

The Navajo tribe has been embroiled in controversy over its efforts to control and thin the herds of thousands of wild horses that tribal leaders say are overgrazing and damaging tribal lands already ravaged by drought.

Animal rights activists say that nearly 2,000 wild horses were captured over a three-month period last year and that many of them were sold and ended up in slaughterhouses.

Roundups on the Navajo land ended late last year under an agreement brokered by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Donna Hummel, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, said the animals caught by the agency on federal land are relocated, put up for adoption or sold. She said the agency does not condone slaughtering horses but acknowledged that some of the horses sold in the past have ended up in slaughterhouses.

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— “Horse slaughter in New Mexico temporarily blocked by Court” [until Friday hearing]; Niagara Gazette; Jan. 1, 2014.

— Santa Fe, New Mexico, “Friday hearing set on horse slaughter: New Mexico’s attorney general will seek a restraining order to prevent a horse slaughter plant from opening”; Capital Press; Dec. 31, 2013.

5 thoughts on “Two dozen captured wild horses find refuge at Horse Spirit Ranch”

  1. The first thing the tribe needs to do is to take a count using a aircraft of just how many horses is actually on reservation lands. This whole area is dry as tinder in the summer just like AZ is. If some of the horses were in bad shape I believe it because I used to live in AZ and it would be hard for any animal to find enough to eat in states like this. These horses need to be treated with birth control that would stop more animals being born that the land simply can’t feed. I have seen reservation horses and a lot of the foals are undersized and look hungry.


  2. I’m glad to read that they will have a live of refuge and happiness versus one of boredom and confinement. I doubt that the BLM is evil, but it seems as if they put monetary interests ahead of the welfare of the horses. It isn’t a moral way to go through life. When we take, we must then give back. When a herd’s freedom is lost, we need to provide them with the most enriching environment that we can provide them with. It is the least we can do as the human race.


  3. A Huge Heartfelt Thank You to the wonderful People at Bonsall Ranch !!!!!!! Spokesperson From BLM Just How Many ?????? ( does anyone there know how to count ???) BLM statement bares all the earmarks of their continuing Lies and deception ……


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