Blood drenched horse butcher hands out cans of dog food at protest (AU)

Image from protest in Brisbane regarding the slaughter of racehorses in Australia. Source image.
Image from protest in Brisbane regarding the slaughter of racehorses in Australia. Source image.

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Brisbane 9 January 2014. In Brisbane today, as The Magic Millions horse sale continues on the Gold Coast, a group of people who care about the welfare of horses, staged a protest.

Race horses that do not meet the racing times expected of trainers and owners are more often than not, killed with a gunshot to the head and used as pet food.

A video taken of the shooting of the horses contains an image of horses waiting to be shot trembling in fear as they know what is happening.

Animal advocates say that the breeding industry within horseracing is ultimately what drives the cycle of wastage, by churning out too many horses and not enough homes.

While millions of dollars will be spent on purchasing potential winners at the Magic Millions sales, the losers from just a few years ago are now likely to have been killed for either dog food or human consumption. There is no retirement plan for racehorses.

Animal welfare organisation, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) is calling for a nation-wide retirement plan for racehorses, along with a significant reduction in breeding, to reduce and eventually end the horse slaughter industry.

Elio Celotto, Campaign Director for CPR said today “There’s little room for sentimentality in the racing industry. While a horse has that winning feeling, it has a purpose. But when he loses it, in most cases he loses his life.”

“Sending uncompetitive horses to slaughter is the racing industry’s retirement plan in a can. It’s time for the racing industry to spend some of its Magic Millions on the horses and establish a retirement plan for them.”

“All we are asking is that the Australian racing industry commit just 1% of betting turnover, or $143 million annually, to saving racehorses from slaughter. For an industry that is touted as the ‘Sport of Kings’, 1% would be loose change.”




13 thoughts on “Blood drenched horse butcher hands out cans of dog food at protest (AU)”

  1. I’m to the point where I can’t watch videos like these anymore. The number one enemy in congress that has refused over and over to pass any bill that would stop horse slaughter is the Senate. Right now there is over 163 cosponsors for the S.A.F.E. act in the House but only about 24to 27 in the Senate and this covers the entire year. These politicians in the Senate are the ones that the lobbyists hired by the racing industry and the quarter horse industry donate big bucks to make the rounds of the Senate offices. It amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars to their reelection campaigns. The US is no different from Australia or the Eu countries that slaughter horses. This overcrowded planet has become very dangerous for our wildlife and anything that resembles a horse. But Australia hiring gunners flying from copters to shoot the wild horses from the air is too much. The horses in Australia was grazing on a chunk of land the size of some of our states. This amounts to what the Canada has been doing to the baby seals for the past 3 decades.


  2. This is why it is so vitally important we not let this happen in our Country. After watching the video my reaction was the same as I experienced after being in a Mexican Slaughter House as an intruder. I threw up and cried, uncontrollable rage inside of me, fortunately for me I was at home viewing the horror. When I was in Mexico we were arrested and put in jail for a couple of weeks before we were escorted to the border. I damn near killed the butchers in the slaughter house before the federal police came and stopped me. I am sure, or at least I hope, the two Mexicans I shot with their own stun gun still suffer from headaches.


    1. YEAH Frank!!! Thank you! I was/am wondering just when the vigilantes will say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH & give it right back to the ‘ones’ who so callously inflict blatant cruelty on horses, right from the truck driver/kill buyer to the one who pulls the trigger!!
      Lucky for you thou, the ‘butcher’ lived! I honestly can not wrap my head around the kind of ”men” working in these places. Makes me shudder…


  3. As a naive child watching the Kentucky Derby, I had no clue as to what happened to the horses that didn’t win. I can’t tell you how disgusted and upset I am as an adult to find out the cruel and barbaric practices that take place in the racing industry. I will not ever watch another race with rose colored glasses on.


  4. I despise how many individuals within the horse racing industry use horse slaughter as an outlet for horses they have no use for. Have they not thought about more efficient, long term solutions like better breeding practices and whatnot versus disposing of the surplus? I’m no genius here, but I am just curious as to what the racehorse industry can and should do to protect the welfare of their horses and what we can do to make sure that it’s enforced.


    1. I don’t think it’s limited to breeders within the racing industry. My personal belief is that breeders view their horses as either making them money or costing them money. It is business at its worst, where the only element of importance is money, and any strategy to maximize profit is embraced. The horses are nothing more than products, with no inherent value as living beings. We see the same thing with puppy mills and virtually all animal breeders. I’m sure the ag production world is the worst, but I think the callousness and indifference to suffering infests almost all breeders across the spectrum. Most of the suffering and the hideous fates occur behind the scenes and out of the public eye. I may be naive, but — like Anne Frank — I believe that if people knew the truth, most of them would be horrified and would demand a change.


      1. INDEED Pamela W.!! Exactly what you say…the horse industry is shameful & in many cases is nothing more than a ‘puppy mill mentality’ … GREED, GREED & MORE GREED for more $$$. Treated like nothing more than truck parts. There is an overpopulation of horses, dogs, & cats & we just can not seem to get it right for these animals???


      2. Pamela you are correct that many breeders send their “culls” to slaughter.

        When I was still teaching riding I learned that the mother of one of my young adult students was breeding 50+ Arabian mares every year and keeping only a handful. The rest were run through the local livestock auction without halters. Babies. Imagine their terror, taken from their dams at about 4 months of age because they weren’t in the mind of the breeder “winning show material” and loaded onto the killbuyers’ trucks and heading for a horrific death.

        When I learned of this I first tried to educate this breeder and her daughter in what happens to these horses. I gave up – they were just not interested as it was only about the money. I fired them as clients and was thrilled to do that openly and LOUDLY at the regional show which was the last competition I coached the daughter at – a LOT of people heard what this breeder was doing – but I can tell you, sadly, that few cared as most of them were doing the same thing.

        By the way this woman is still overbreeding Arabian horses in western Oregon in the Eugene area.


        1. Thank you for this information Rox. It highlights why the Arabian horse breeding association took a stand to be pro horse slaughter, something previously unheard of for that breed. Many in the Arabian horse arena are against slaughter. Except for the breeders, much like the others such as Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses.


    2. At the very least in the U.S. there are ‘some’ tracks making it mandatory to rehome the horses that are no longer racing. However, just gotta go to an auction & there some are.
      But NOTHING set up in Australia….that is just plain pathetic on that Assoc./owners/trainers!! Stay on them over there…stay in their face about it. Running more & more stories in the media to get more folks on board. Slaughtering horses as a means of a garbage disposal Must come to an end.
      Oh….& how smart are the people feeding DRUGGED UP HORSE MEAT to their dogs. Dog food companies here will NOT put horsemeat in their foods for that exact reason, & well for fear of having their asses sued.


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