Video: Wild horses return to the grasslands of China

Captive Przewalski horses in the Safari Park at San Diego Zoo. Source imag.
Captive Przewalski horses in the Safari Park at San Diego Zoo. Source image.


On the road to freedom a convoy of exiles begins a long and difficult journey home. Rarer than the endangered panda, Przewalski’s horses are about to return to the wild. They’re headed to the geographic hearth of Asia, west China’s vast dry grasslands.

It’s been a long time since a herd of Przewalski’s horses has run wild there. These horses are descendant from stock taken to Europe in 19th century. Herds have already been reintroduced in neighboring Mongolia but this will be the first Chinese release.

Scientists hope that they’ll adjust to wild grass as soon after their liberation. Still feeding on their mothers’ milk the herd’s young foals have no such worries. They won’t have to fend for themselves until they’re nearly a year old. On a late autumn day a century of life in captivity ends with a simple act of opening a gate. Despite the occasion there’s a cold note of apprehension in the air… freedom comes at a price.

To survive the horses must endure some severe challenges: summer drought, winter cold and predators. Returning there will test the horses’ loyalties as well as their instincts. They must adapt to the conditions and work together for their survival as their ancestor once did.


After many decades, the wild horses of West China return to their ancestral home range. Relentless poaching early last century wiped them out, but a new breeding program has restored 27 Przewalski’s horses.


:: Przewalski’s Horse: 10 Things You Didn’t Know; Mother Nature Network; Jan. 22, 2014

6 thoughts on “Video: Wild horses return to the grasslands of China”

  1. OMG! What a fabulous Film, I will send this far and wide , it gives insight and great education !!! Wow I was so impressed, absolutely Brilliant narration…… should be shown in all Schools !!!!! WOW I loved it !!!!! Thank You , Thank You !!!!!! Vivian, is this on a purchasable DVD???????


      1. Again Vivian Thank You Thank You !!!! Just the thought also of Champ gives me an awesome feeling WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! I have sent this out to friends and already have several replies, They Loved it also………………………


  2. This is a interesting film to watch the interaction of these wild horses once they are loose. But it may be a few years before they will be truly wild again. Because if they hadn’t been fed during the first winter most of them would have died. The foals that will grow up wild will be the true survivors in a harsh landscape like this. I imagine the scientists will stay with them for as long as they are needed to make sure they can adapt to this new life.


    1. Thank you Barbara for your insightful comments. We have been following these precious wild horses in various zoos around the US. I always go to see them when I am in a city like DC. They have been manipulated so much in captivity. How lovely to know that at least a few have a chance to live once again in the wild. I am glad you feel this video is worth watching.


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