Oklahoma State senator wants counties to vote on horse slaughter

Oklahoma State Senator Randy Bass. News9 Photo.
Oklahoma State Senator Randy Bass. News9 Photo.

Why is Oklahoma State Senator Randy Bass wasting voters’ time? Or is he?

Is there a pro horse slaughter faction courting Oklahomans to give an okay for a slaughter facility?

Is Bass perhaps trying to prove a point — that just about nobody wants it?

You decide.

Tulsa World reports:

    OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 21, 2014) — State Sen. Randy Bass, D-Lawton, has filed legislation that would give counties the final say over the location of horse slaughter facilities.

    “When Governor Fallin signed legislation into law last year legalizing horse slaughter, she issued a statement saying it was important for towns to be able to block horse slaughter plants if that was their will,” said Bass. “This legislation would simply give counties the option to decide for themselves whether they want these facilities in their jurisdictions or not.”

    Bass cited a poll that found overwhelming opposition to the legalization of horse slaughter in Oklahoma.

    “What’s interesting is the fact that it didn’t really matter if you were talking about people living in a rural area or a large city, and it didn’t matter if they were a Democrat or a Republican, conservative or liberal—the overwhelming majority did not want a horse slaughter plant in their community,” Bass said. “This legislation reaffirms our citizens’ right to block such a facility if that’s what the majority of qualified voters decide.”

Ah, the picture becomes a bit clearer.

What is important is the final quote. The issue of horse slaughter has always been a bipartisan issue, rejected by a vast majority of those asked across standard demographics.

I hope Oklahoma voters have a good memory, and vote out Governor Fallin and her congressional cohorts.


Future of horse slaughter in Oklahoma uncertain; August 8, 2013

Over public outcry, Oklahoma Governor signs horse slaughter bill; April 4, 2013

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma State senator wants counties to vote on horse slaughter”

  1. This jerk sounds like he might be interested in running for Gov. Its highly unlikely he would get anywhere. But I hope Fallin is voted out of office shes like most of the politicians in it for all the money they can get.


  2. Let’s face the facts …….There is not a single state that the majority would be in favor of horse slaughter…..The only people that would favor tis horrific practice are the greedy low life scum of the world…..In Tennessee Rep. Andy Holt was in favor of a horse slaughter facility and received numerous death threats does that tell these people what we think of there idiotic, cruel, and repulsive ideas to slaughter horses…..All I can say, is watch out because you all will be up for re-election…..Not many want to vote for killers you all may want to take a different stand and find the heart that you may have once had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I think we can remain confident that the People of Oklahoma will stand against Horse Slaughter we must make sure that the proven facts are understood and presented , the best way to do this a National Broadcast stating the Facts ……. Since we know that aint happening anytime soon, a mass mailing or emailing……. may just be they way !!!!


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