“Horse Slaughter” Sue Wallis is dead


Sue Wallis, the woman called “Horse Slaughter Sue” by horse advocates, is dead. Wallis is best known to horse lovers as an active and prominent leader in the movement to return horse slaughter for human consumption to US soil.

Sue Wallis and her father Dick. Image USA Today.
Sue Wallis and her father Dick. Wallis was a leader in the movement to return the slaughter of horses for human consumption to US soil. Image USA Today.


    Legislators were stunned Tuesday when hearing of the death of State Rep. Sue Wallis, 56.

    Campbell County Sheriff Bill Pownall told them the news just before lunch with the Campbell County commissioners. Pownall confirmed Wallis’ death after speaking with Campbell County coroner Tom Eekhoff.

    Eekhoff would not confirm a cause of death and said an autopsy is planned for Wednesday.

    A committee from the GOP party made up of precinct members from her district will meet and pick three nominees to submit to the County Commission, which will appoint her replacement.

    “I’m hoping they can expedite that,” Commissioner Dan Coolidge said. The legislative session begins Feb. 10.

    Gillette Police Lt. Brent Wasson said an officer responded to an EMS call at 6:46 a.m. at Tower West Lodge. There was no cause to file a police report, Wasson said. Neither Wasson nor Eekhoff would confirm who called 911.

    Her fellow legislators believed she likely was staying at Tower West because of the 6:30 a.m. Eggs & Issues breakfast at Cam-plex.

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20 thoughts on ““Horse Slaughter” Sue Wallis is dead”

  1. Nice what the first comment was, however I would not want to die and be remembered for what Slaughter Sue stood for…..Had she worked as hard to save horses as she did to destroy them just think of all the good she may have accomplished….I would not want to be Sue standing at the pearly gates and answering for all of the horrible and calculated acts of cruel and inhumane acts against horses that she engaged in, lets not forget the others like Jackie McConnell and the cruelty towards the Walking Horses maybe he’ll get what’s coming to him as well…..I would hate to try and guess what direction these people go in when they die….I can guess it probably won’t be upward…..I’m not sure that God called her home more like God helping the sweet , loving creatures he put on the earth that don’t have a voice maybe with her gone our horses have a better chance!! Sorry to say Slaughter Sue you will NOT be missed and I hope they can find a casket large enough to accommodate you ……Be thankful they are not sending you to Mexico or Canada!


  2. I can’t believe the comments online here. The woman is dead. Leave her be. Do you think that anyone is indispensable? Do you think that horse slaughter will stop just because she is dead? Don’t you realize that she was only one of the many faces fronting the horse slaughter lobby? Are you all just a bunch of vicious 12-year-old’s who know no better than to desecrate the dead? I’m as avid a horse advocate as anyone but I wasn’t raised by wolves. Her death signifies nothing in terms of the cause but rather should make us more alert…other, perhaps stronger, slaughter advocates are about to make themselves known. Stop wasting your energy crowing and instead, silently await the next barrage, the next “big” adversary. There’s always someone waiting in the wings.


  3. While I’ve never supported her issue on horse slaughter her passing still should dignify her service to the State of Wyoming and the United States. As a public servant politics is just that, piss off half, like the half, all politicians steal from its people, undisputed. Even the most evil is recongnized by God. Her works are not what put her in the ground. Even as we fight our enemies foreign and domestic we as soldiers are taught the rules of engagement. When your enemy dies let them die in peace not hatred. That hatred that has been voiced does not one horse honor. As you remember she lost her battle now she has lost the war. Respect the dead and honor your work with respect.


    1. Insightful comment. Thank you for sharing these important thoughts. I started to turn comments off on this post, because I was concerned about hate speak. I am glad now that I did not.


    2. I agree. As much as I oppose horse slaughter, NOTHING good comes out of rejoicing the death of anyone. If anything, I wish that she would have lived on and accepted the realization that the slaughtering of horses is brutal and cannot be made humane (at least from what I’ve read and observed). The fact that she never did is tragic. Also, such hatred for her over her personal views makes our voice get lost. Our purpose is not to display absolute disdain for horse slaughter proponents. Rather, we’re here to bring to light the issues that are affecting the welfare of horses worldwide. If people like her choose to think differently then it is their problem, but should that never cloud out our mission to preserve the welfare of our horses.


      1. Thank you, Starry & Wild Horse Foundation for your comments. I do not believe that any of us have the right to pass judgement on this lady or be cruel in our comments. Everyone of us comes in with a purpose this lifetime and none of us will know whether we fulfilled it or not till we return home. She lost her husband and life partner last year, and now she has children that have lost both their parents as a fairly young age. My prayers are with them during this trying time, as for those of us who have lost both parents…we know the pain that accompanies that. While I didn’t agree with her politics when it came to the wild horses, I am glad to be living in a country where we have the right to voice our opinions in public and not be imprisoned or “just disappear” for having them in opposition to others. My sympathies and prayers are with her friends and family at this time. We will live to fight another day. Blessed Be.


    3. I live in Wyoming and she served nothing but her own pockets but thanks for speculating


  4. It sounds like she died from natural causes. She might have had heart disease that she was being treated for and she was really over weight. But I also believe in fate, sometimes when a person is so evil fate steps in and removes them so they can do no more harm. She spent her spare time going from state to state trying to talk the state governments into opening up horse slaughter plants. No body will miss her.


    1. Wallis does have children. Some interesting background on that:

      Wallis said she’s been pregnant five times and has given birth to three children. She said she lost one baby two weeks before it was due to be born and once underwent an abortion, something she said she had never before revealed in public.

      Wallis said proceeding with the abortion was the best decision she ever made. She said she has spent time counseling young women and said they already know what the implications of abortion are when they visit a doctor.

      Source: http://akopsa.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/republican-rep-sue-wallis-wy-takes-on-anti-choice-nonsense-in-her-house/


  5. Unfortunately, Sue Wallis leaves a horrible and sad legacy. How someone can have so much animosity and hatred for horses is completely mystifying and disturbing to me. It’s too bad that she won’t be known for something else.


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