Wild horse allies confront Alberta Premier in Calgary over annual cull


Wild horse cull protesters Alberta, Canada. Photo Brent Calver, Calgary Sun.

As the premier honoured the Year of the Horse Tuesday, a handful of people protested provincial permits for wild horse capture.

Alison Redford was at a Lunar New Year celebration at Regency Palace in Chinatown while approximately 15 animal activists stood nearby, chanting ”Stop the cull!” in relation to the ongoing wild horse capture season.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) last month announced it would grant permits for the capture of 200 wild horses in order to help control the animals’ population.

Horses caught become the responsibility of their captors and could face a variety of fates.

“Ms. Redford is here to celebrate the Year of the Horse — we want to point out the glaring hypocrisy of that,” said Anita Virginillo with Calgary Animal Rights Effort and Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort.

Protesters also said there is a major discrepancy in the alleged number of wild horses living in Alberta.

The province believes there is about 940 of them, but Virginillo said independent aerial counts have shown the number to be much lower. Read more >>


Alberta’s Premier is defending the government’s decision to cull its wild horse population.

Alison Redford said Wednesday that the horses are feral animals that have an impact on pasture land.

“I understand that people that do have concerns and can get quite emotional about this,” Redford told reporters at a school announcement in Lethbridge.

“But at the end of the day, the decisions that are made have to be made in the context of the best possible use of our resources, our land management.”

Alberta Environment has issued a licence to capture up to 200 feral horses in the central Alberta area around Sundre. Read more >>


Favorite sign: “Will Horses are not the Problem. Slaughter is not the Solution.” — Ed.

6 thoughts on “Wild horse allies confront Alberta Premier in Calgary over annual cull”

  1. This is where she is sending our wild ponies, this is their fate…..This is what the PC government is doing everyday this is what we must stop….they are barbaric soulless monsters!

    Horseback America says:
    February 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM
    Horse slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia!

    With the captive-bolt, which was developed for use on cattle, stunning is ineffective over 40% of the time when applied to domestic, trained horses (the ones full of prohibited drugs and medications.) This is due to the fact that horses’ heads cannot be restrained as cattle are and accuracy is very difficult. Horses will routinely break their own necks if restrained. The captive-bolt is ineffective at stunning wild, untrained or under-trained horses nearly 100% of the time. Everyone who knows horses and has any experience at all with wild horses knows that it is near impossible to get anywhere near their poll which is a very vulnerable area to every horse. To get near a wild horse’s poll with a captive-bolt apparatus and have an accurate shot is technically, practically and virtually impossible. This is the reason why we find so much carcass evidence documentation of severe abuse to slaughtered horses. The captive-bolt process itself is so ineffective that many horses are shot multiple times or vivisected while conscious. This is a definite violation of the Humane Slaughter Act in the U.S. which mandates slaughtered animals to be rendered “senseless with one (1) shot.”

    Please learn more about this barbaric practice and voice yourself to protect wild and domestic horses from this horrible abuse in Canada and the U.S. Thank you for your time and comments: http://www.HorseActivist


  2. With the left wing judges that dominate the court system these days it don’t seem to make any difference if the BLM is sued or not, the judge always takes their side. I am quite sure that the BLM lawyers call the judge to discuss just how to handle the case behind the scene of course.


  3. The excuse of over population of 200 is bull. Did you see in the distance 200? No only 2-6. Wow!!! Coruptive companies want this land for oil and come up with every excuse. Redford and her cronies should all be investigated to see what she truly is up to.


  4. “Best use of our resources, our land management”. What about the tar sands? What a bunch of BS from a government official. Only 15 protestors showed up. Sounds like American advocates. A lot of talk, but never a solid front against horse extinction or slaughter.


    1. Been saying that for a long time, if you believe in something( in this case the mustangs), you must commit to what needs to be done, I will fly to stand anywhere for the Mustangs in America, they are a native species and they belong here, they are proven to belong many times over the BLM is in direct disobedience of this, therefore deserve to be taken to a Court of law and tried for this…………………………..and sentenced they are no different then any other …………………………. Evidence has been collected over the many years that they have been torturing , abusing, Mustangs……….Until will demand and enforce this, it will continue………………… I am here to help the Mustangs in every way that i can, talk gets no where, actions speak Loud and Clear……………………….They do not understand anything short of that !!!!!!!! I am one of millions who feel this way !!!!!


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