Capture of wild horses in Alberta likely to meet 10% of target

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Photo: Wild Horses of Alberta Society
Photo: Wild Horses of Alberta Society

CALGARY — Alberta is likely to fall well short of its goal to reduce its wild horse population by almost 200 animals when permits expire at the end of the week.

Two licences were issued by the government to capture up to 196 feral horses in the central Alberta area around Sundre. One of the licence-holders says the actual number will probably be around 20.

The permits are in effect until March 1.

“The maximum number of feral horses that can be captured is still 196. I’m not aware of an intention to extend the capture season at this point,” Carrie Sancartier, a spokeswoman for Alberta Environment, said in an email Wednesday.

“I’ve just caught a few so far,” said Bryn Thiessen, 54, who runs Helmer Creek Ranch near Sundre and has one of the licences. “I haven’t had time and I won’t do a poor job for the horses’ sake and everybody else’s.

“I can’t foresee reaching the goal given the shortened capture season and the fact that nobody else has bothered. Other guys who have trapped in the past didn’t bother applying.”

Thiessen said he’s managed to bring in three horses so far and the other permit-holder, a friend of his, has captured a dozen.

The government says the feral horse population is continuing to balloon and numbers need to be balanced to accommodate the grazing needs of cattle and wildlife.

Alberta Environment says the number of horses in the Sundre area increased to 980 last year from 778 the year before. The department is confident about the count, which is done at the same time every year by helicopter.

The horses are descendants of domestic animals used in logging and mining operations in the early 1900s.

The plan to reduce the population has drawn the ire of animal rights activists who worry that many of the horses are destined for slaughterhouses or will die during the roundup.

RCMP said three women and two men involved in an ongoing protest were arrested Tuesday for mischief. They have been released on the promise to stay away from the wild horse capture site and are to appear in Didsbury provincial court on March 31.

“The five individuals were warned by officers a few moments prior to entering the immediate site area that they would be committing mischief were they to proceed,” Sgt. Josee Valiquette wrote in a release Wednesday.

“The individuals proceeded to the site despite the warning and were subsequently arrested.”

The names of the five protesters have not been released. Continue reading >>

4 thoughts on “Capture of wild horses in Alberta likely to meet 10% of target”

  1. Its also possible too that they can’t find any of the 700 horses that are supposed to be there. What the real count was and what was added to it like the BLM does to exaggerate the numbers in order to placate cattle industry. You have to remember to that there are predators in the areas where the horses are living. I don’t believe that Canada has killed off all of the predators like the US has done for the past 100 years.


  2. I think they call them feral to denigrate their wildness and majesty. If ranchers were to admit they are wild, then they’d have to admit the horses were there before all their own “released” horses came onto the range. Feral fulfills the persuasion that there were no horses before man brought them. And they’d have to also admit that these horses are a heritage animal as some of Canada’s horses carry the blood of those horses from the days of the Conquistadore.


  3. I wish people would not refer to the Mustangs as feral what part of they have been referred to as long as i can remember as Wild Mustangs, and that is what they are …………….when the word feral is used ,t means to me a animal who cannot be domesticated or trained???/ And Wild Mustangs can be domesticated and can be trained!!!!!!! Therefore the term Wild Mustangs is the only proper term reference to be used when referring to them……………….


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