Liam Neeson defends New York City carriage horses

NEARLY COMES TO BLOWS WITH JON STEWART . . . well, maybe, not really.

See Entertainment Weekly for video and full story

Liam Neeson blows up over NYC carriage horse issue on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Liam Neeson blows up over NYC carriage horse issue on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Liam Neeson stopped by The Daily Show last night. Though the actor was there to talk about his new movie Non-Stop, his chat with Jon Stewart quickly turned to New York City mayor Bill De Blasio’s plan to shut down New York’s horse and carriage industry — a decision Neeson vocally opposes.

“They made the roads in New York,” Neeson explained. “He [de Blasio] won’t even take a meeting with the horse carriage industry. He’s suppose to be representing the New York people, dammit!”

It was clear Stewart disagreed with Neeson’s position. Still, he managed to keep the chat light while Neeson made claims like, “These guys treat these horses like their children.”

By the end of the segment, Neeson jokingly stood up, prepared to settle things by having a fist-fight with Stewart… who quickly cut to commercial. A wise move from someone who’s clearly seen The Grey. Go here for video >>

Liam Neeson is a transplanted Irishman like many of the drivers and is sympathetic to their situation. Don’t take a shot at me. That’s what New York Post reported:

    “The boys,” as he [Neeson] puts it, are the drivers, many of them transplanted Irishmen like himself, some of whom even grew up on farms and are stunned by the accusation they would treat their horses cruelly. These include Colm McKeever, a native of County Meath and a friend of more than two decades’ standing. The men met through their wives, back when McKeever’s wife, Fiona, served as midwife in the birth of the actor’s first son.

There is one quote I believe almost all of us would agree with:

    “Maybe I should give Disney a call and ask for a script,” Neeson laughs. “We’ve got good guys, bad guys, and horses. What we need is the happy ending.”

And before anyone gets tied up in knots, read the whole report >>

12 thoughts on “Liam Neeson defends New York City carriage horses”

  1. It just seems like he is in denial about the claims made about the NYC carriage horse industry, NOT that he is trying to be supportive of horse abuse. Maybe HIS family and friends have carriage horses of their own and maybe they treat THEIR horses like children, but that doesn’t account for everyone. The horses in his home town are possibly so pampered that he cannot possibly imagine an industry being so cruel. Am I mistaken?


    1. That’s okay Arlene. You are so exuberant and ready to praise anyone who will stand up for horses, you didn’t notice at first. Plus, you can still like Liam Neeson. This is about the horses, not personalities. I wish there were more facts being expressed about the working lives of these horses, not people’s opinions.


  2. Anyone who stars in a film thats anti wolf and claims to have eaten wolf meat (to really immerse himself in the role) is of course going to support the cruel horse carriage trade.



  3. Wish he would stand up against slaughter, AND the mistreatment of Irish horses, AND flygrazing, AND gypsies racing their horses on the M4 highways……..He’s a single-issue horse person and doesn’t seem to care about any other horses.


    1. This is not about the horses with Neeson. It’s like the Hispanics who scream when you try to ban their cruel horse tripping events that it is a personal attack on them and their rights to be in the US, blah, blah, blah. I was married to a very mild-mannered Irishman who worked with horses all his life; gentle soul. Yet he said during the troubles that he would hide IRA members even if they had killed children because no true Irishman would turn against his brother . . . I was stunned. So no surprise here about Neeson.


  4. Wooo HOOOO Just have all kinds of respect for this man , seen every movie he has made !!!!!! Wish he would stand op for our Wild mustangs also !!!!!! Pack your Bags BLM your outta here !!!!!


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