March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now

Welcome to the month of March, a time of year when we focus on a key horse welfare issue for the entire month.

This year we are marching once again for Premarin Horses. Let’s get started.

A particular item to note is that Aprela ― after many years ― was finally approved by the FDA.

It just so happens the FDA approved it during the federal government shutdown October, 2013.

The most surprising aspect of the FDA’s approval (besides the approval itself) is that Pfizer changed the name of the drug in what appears the final moments. Instead of Aprela, the newest member of the Premarin family of drugs is called Duavee.

Notice Pfizer (who bought out Wyeth, for our purposes the originators of these hormone replacement therapy drugs) opted to market the new drug without the familiar word “Prem” in front of it.

While Aprela is a gentle sounding name, Duavee is nondescript. Neither name hints at the dangers associated with drugs made from conjugated equine estrogens.

In case you are new to this issue, or have not heard the term conjugated equine estrogen, the name Premarin is taken from these letters: pregnant mare’s urine. That pretty much sums up where these drugs come from.

Say No to Premarin, Prempro and Duavee button. The Horse Fund.

The Premarin family of drugs are hormone replacement therapy drugs produced using the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares, and prescribed for the treatment of symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes.

At the center of March for Premarin Horses is our Premstoppers Campaign.

Some of you are already taking part and we thank you. Everybody else, come on, jump on board and help out.


A donation from you will help pay for activities such as rallies, leafleting, mail outs and visits to doctors’ offices. We are also organizing open forums on this issue in major medical centers where staff can come and hear a brief lecture and learn about what is in these drugs, and what happens to the mares and foals that are being used and cast off by this industry.

Thank you everyone. Let’s March for Premarin Horses!


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4 thoughts on “March for Premarin Horses starts right here, right now”

  1. I was prescribed Premarin about 10 years ago and it caused terrible side effects !! I am horrified to learn that it is still being used !! To change the name is absolutely sinful and horrible for women who don’t know about it !!


    1. Thank you for your comment. Please help spread the word. Share this with every woman you know, no matter the age. If you know any horse lovers, they will want to get these drugs stopped too.


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