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We must stop doctors from prescribing Premarin

We must stop doctors from prescribing Premarin. We must stop doctors from prescribing Duavee.

Sources tell us that Wyeth, now a Division of Pfizer, are set to begin marketing Duavee this month. Although the Premstoppers campaign has been active since last year, now is the time to really zone in on alerting as many doctors as we can.

Premarin is made with conjugated equine estrogen.

The word equine was removed years ago from the conversation, packaging, product inserts and descriptions for Premarin and its sister drugs, including the newest one, Duavee.

Most doctors are therefore unaware of how the Premarin family of drugs are made.

Just as many seem to be completely unaware about the cruelty behind the making of these drugs –- the abuses to the mares and the untold numbers of deaths of byproduct foals.

You can help by printing and sending our letter (3p, pdf) to OB/GYNs. View it online here. Because the letter is viewable on our website, it is easy to share.

Help by sharing this page with at least 10 women, and ask them to share it with 10 more women. Use social media. Share on Facebook. Tweet it. Use #horses #womenshealth #hrt #menopause. If you follow us on Twitter @HorseFund then please re-tweet this tweet. We must educate women, no matter what age they are.

A majority of the horses used to make Premarin are no longer on pee farms in North America. They have been moved, far away and out of sight. We cannot allow out of sight to mean out of mind.

You can give Premarin horses the voice they need. You can spare Premarin mares from the pee line and their foals from death.

You do this every time you stop a doctor from prescribing — and a woman from taking — any of the Premarin family of drugs.

Send the letter. Share the letter.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “We must stop doctors from prescribing Premarin”

  1. Vivian, do you plan on creating a topic regarding the myths and facts regarding the PMU industry from BOTH sides as you did with the carriage horse topic?


    1. No, there is absolutely nothing good about the Premarin industry. For women or horses. I have not seen anyone defending it, except NAERIC. They have not said anything for many years. We will see what they are up to.


  2. We need to educate women on the use of these drugs to treat the symptoms of menopause. Most treatment of menopause is not even necessary.


    1. Thank you Linda. That is so very, very important, to educate women first and foremost.

      Then there are the doctors, who are rewarded for prescribing Premarin. They are bombarded by Reps contracted out by Wyeth/Pfizer who are on good salaries plus bonuses plus a car etc to sell Premarin (and now Duavee). That’s why we need to paper doctors with our Dear Physician letter, and the reason we keep asking everyone to help out. We have a great staff but we can only send out so many ourselves. We (gratefully) have thousands of followers. We need every single one to send out at least one letter. Jane did a great job; it is a super letter. It spells it all out and from the feedback we have received, extremely effective.


  3. Menopause is not a disease. The veterinarians at the CFIA have been caught in the past publicly saying that menopause requires treatment with conjugated equine estrogens. Seriously, what woman takes gynecological advice from a government veterinarian?


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