Premstoppers Campaign. Warning, Premarin Contains Horse Urine.

Reach thousands, save thousands with Premarin billboards

Updated 12 Dec 2015 to provide most recent version of our Dear Physician Letter (pdf, 4 pp). Thank you.

A MAJOR FOCUS of the Premstoppers campaign is educating doctors and women.

First of all, thank you for sending the Dear Physician letter to so many women’s health doctors.

We always know when you are busy with this because of the calls and emails we get asking for more information. See the power of a letter. Letters still work perhaps more than ever since the take over of communicating electronically.

I’ll tell you something else that seems old-fashioned and still works.

Billboards. We love billboards. They can be very powerful. And a good investment.

The “Warning! Premarin Contains Horse Urine” billboard is a real winner. We put them at medical centers near women’s hospitals if we can.

Our goal is now 25. We now have 11*** thanks to our last Premstoppers shout out. Will you help?

Reports say that 9 million women are taking Premarin.

Women taking Premarin is what puts mares on the “pee lines” and foal meat on the dinner table.

We can reach these women who are taking Premarin or using Premarin cream, and the doctors prescribing them.

Doctors must stop prescribing Premarin; women must stop taking Premarin. There are alternatives.

Support a billboard. Any amount is gratefully received and useful.

Every time you donate to Premstoppers you help finance one of these critically important billboards.

Oh, and please remember to send your local women’s health doctors our Dear Physician Letter. It’s easy!

• Find a doctor specializing in women’s health
• Address an envelope to them
• Print the letter
• Put the letter inside
• Put a stamp on it
• Mail it to them

Thank you everyone.

Learn more at our website >>

*** As of today, December 12, 2015, we have at least one Premstoppers billboard in every State except Hawaii.

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