Horse meat cuts painted on a live, grazing horse.

Horse meat is tip of iceberg: Biologists invite Mancunians to DNA meat testing

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A group of DIY biologists are hosting a ‘meet your meat’ workshop in Manchester using DNA tests to help you distinguish your Findus [pre-packaged meal] from your fish fingers.

Hosting a one day Mystery Meat workshop today, Manchester’s MadLab are inviting the public to become citizen scientists and conduct DNA tests on their pre-packaged meals.

After the horsemeat scandal MadLab will be finding out whether we can really close the stable door behind those rogue horses.

MadLab founder Asa Calow was also invited to California by the FBI to help them keep up with the growing number of DIY biologists across the world.

Mr Calow told MM: “Food fraud was a big scandal but horsemeat was the tip of the iceberg. Very few labs actually run these kinds of tests.

“We’re hoping to test a large cross section of samples from the public. I am convinced that food fraud is not often intentional but the journey from farm to table has become too complicated and mislabelling happens.”

We agree that the journey from farm to table has become complicated, but disagree that the food fraud is not intentional. The taste for horse meat has been declining for some time, but the sale of horse meat has reportedly increased. Sale of horse meat on the black market in Europe has been discovered.

Where is all that horse meat going? Who is consuming it? The horse meat scandal surely answers those questions to a large degree.

Does it matter? Well, yes is does. And not just because horse slaughter is horribly cruel. A high percentage of horse meat most certainly contains toxins.

The program 16×9 has conducted an investigation into toxins in horse meat. You can watch it online here.


:: Horse meat cottage pie withdrawn from 47 Lancashire schools after testing positive for equine DNA, by Henry Vaughan, 15 Feb 2013

1 thought on “Horse meat is tip of iceberg: Biologists invite Mancunians to DNA meat testing”

  1. I said last year that I thought that horse meat was in dinners like this all over the EU. That would explain the continuing shipments of horse meat from Canada. With the slowing of consumers buying horse meat just where is it going? This slowdown has been going on for several years yet the shipments show no decline.


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